Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday

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So I wrote this big long post about what happened over the course of the weekend but on re-reading it, I decided to delete it because most of it was a big, unhappy mess. The gist of it: hubby hasn't been feeling well. He got something - metal shavings more than likely - in his eye on Friday, but the ER couldn't find anything so it's been a real joy around the house. Yesterday I drove the kids to Toys R Us because Mini had saved up $40 dollars. While we were there, Oldest managed to show his ass because I wouldn't buy him a bunch of Sonic videos, although I explained to him Mini had his own money. Ah, how I love weekends.

Today has been going much better. Dad dropped by to hang out a while and visit with Mini. I've been working on my latest werekind story - trying to get it pulled together. In a few minutes I need to make a dash to the store and pick up another ink cartridge, some dog food, and a gallon of milk. Once I get back, I'm gonna print up Love Fool and put some of these revision workshops I've been taking to the test.  

If you're looking for something to read, check out my free e-books at Smashwords. I'm working on getting Heart on Fire transferred, and hope to have it up there with the others very soon, so keep checking back.

So that's what's going on here. Writing and more writing...just the way I like it. I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.


  1. ((hugs)) for your hubster. I had something similar happen once, got something in my eyes, but it was loose in there, but underneath the lid behind the eyeball. My mum told me to rinse it out with a solution of eyebright infused water and strain it well. Oddly enough, it did help and I was fine the next day. Take the advice for what it's worth and see what you think. As for mini, what did he finally get with his money? And as for oldest, well sugar, money don't grow on trees, and nothing in this life is free. lol Better get used to it now, eh, momma? :D

    Hope the characters are behaving well for you and I am always available as your personal beta tester. :D ((hugs)) C.C.

  2. Thanks hon. I think he's doing better, but that scared me with the eye thing.

    And as for oldest...I'll tell you about that one later. In retrospect, it's even kind of funny. ;0)


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