Thursday, June 03, 2010

Finding My Rainbow

It's been a trying day, but I've made it through alive. Summer is one of the glorious times of being stuck in the house with two perpetually bored kids that like to irritate each other, and by way of each other, I mean they like to attempt driving me insane.

I'm watching Neon Maniacs at the moment, giving myself a brain relief party after an otherwise shitty day. Neon Maniacs is probably one of the silliest, cheesiest, weirdest "horror" movies ever, but I love it. I don't know why, but I do. It's up there with C.H.U.D. and Future Kill, in my opinion. A cheap horror movie classic.

Last night Mini wouldn't go to sleep. He said there were aliens looking at him through the bedroom window. After about the sixth attempt to go to bed, I finally just put him on the couch with a blanket and pillow, and went to sit in my office in a bid for peace. I got about an hour's worth of sleep after hubby left for work, but Mini was up at the crack of dawn so it didn't really amount to much. I haven't felt well all day, and every attempt at a nap was met with dogs scratching to go out, the phone ringing, or kids coming to ask me for something because they can't seem to so much as fart without asking for my help.

Needless to say my mommy-patience was all run out by the time Hubster came home. Hubby was tired and cranky, Oldest was cranky and... oh hell, everyone was tired and cranky. It has not been a fun evening.

Now the house has settled some. I've had a cuppa tea, and I'm about to make another one so I can take an allergy pill. My eyes are endlessly dry and itchy. Ugh. I can't seem to stop rubbing them.

On another note, I managed to get some old conference pictures added on facebook. Some agent panel stuff. I need to sort through some more family pics to post because I did a few scans and checks and my computer is using 57% of available memory. No wonder it's running slow. This weekend, I need to do a whole maintenance tune up from cleaning up registry entries to defraging, malware checkup, and overall backup. And definitely a hijack this analysis. It's been a while since I did that.

That's about all I've got going on right now. That and vampires. I'm almost to the 45k mark. I had to take a day to work through the plot again. I swapped out endings, so I had to go back and reconnect everything I'd severed from that point. I'm hoping I'll be to the 50k mark by Monday. After that, I'll be satisfied to just get all the loose ends tied up so I can do an initial read through. We'll see how it goes. Until tomorrow... I hope you all had a pleasant Thursday. :0)


  1. I almost miss all those sleepless days and nights when my daughter was younger....almost. She is now 19 and out in her own place.

    Even though it doesn't seem like it right now, one day you'll look back on days like these and miss them when your kids have moved out and the house is quiet.

  2. ((hugs)) You poor kiddo. Yes, I am grinning, but I am also sympathizing. It could be worse, mini could have been triplets! ouch. Imagine, 3 five yr olds running around. Eeps.

    ::ducks and runs:: lol

    Hope tomorrow is a better day.


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