Monday, June 21, 2010

Facing Bridges

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I'm prepping a story for submission today. :0) I have the entire short out to my crit partner, my query letter is written, now I just have to pull together a synopsis,which shouldn't be too hard to do once I go over note cards. I'll probably read through the story a couple times before the final send off, but for the most part, it's ready. Wish me luck!

We had a wild, woolly (okay, not really) two day Father's Day. We BBQ'd at my parent's house on Saturday, and on Sunday we did it all over again at our own house. I drank entirely too many margaritas...if there is such a thing. Overall, the whole weekend blitz was nice and relaxing. 

Last night hubby came into the house to inform me he'd read one of my books. I admit, I kinda went "uh-oh" when he told me that. The last time he read one of my stories, he got a little jealous *cough, cough* of my hero. He didn't tell me about it at first, but I knew he'd read at least a few pages of it. My manuscript looked like it had been shuffled around and hadn't been put back where I'd left it. He came clean about it three days later. I didn't ask him or anything, he just started asking me what's with the ripped abs and cock sucking? In guy speak, "So what are you trying to say?" ;0) 

This time was different, I'm happy to say. I think it's because he's addicted to True Blood. He'd downloaded a free copy of Under A Midnight Moon from Smashwords, and came in to tell me that he'd loved it. Yes. My husband loved my naughty werewolf story. I think I'll keep him. 

Speaking of naughty werewolves, there are currently two new stories from that series in the works. One is almost finished. (Yay!) The other is going to take a while. The one that's going to take a while... it's about Seth. His story is going to be novel length, so those that have asked about him, take heart. It's coming, and it's going to be a really good story. Cross my heart. X<3X 

So that's what's going on in my camp. Writing and more writing. Oh, and coffee - which is finally ready, I think. ;0) I hope you all have a brilliant Monday!  

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  1. Yay indeed! lol. ((hugs)) Hope your Tuesday flows toward the brightest future possible. Woot!



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