Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cruising Along With The Vampires

What a day! It's blazing hot out. I tried to weather it, but quickly came indoors to the air conditioning like the shameless wuss that I am. On a brighter note, I made it up to 47k on my vamp wip. It's so hot in my office I can barely stand to hang out in here, so I feel like even a handful of words is an accomplishment. I'm thinking a window AC for my room may be necessary before the super hot months make it round, or I might have to start writing in the bedroom.

I have the rough outline for my latest Werekind story complete as of this afternoon. This one is very on the romancey side of erotic romance. It's hot, but with lots of emotion tied up in it. More so than usual for me. I hope my readers like it. I'll be submitting this one to Cobblestone Press shortly. I wrapped it up this afternoon, and so far the plot seems solid. Just need to flesh it out more and clean it up. With any luck, I should have this one out the door fairly soon.

Tomorrow's another Monday. I'd hoped to be closer to 50k with the vampires at this point, but I just worked out the very last questions I had swirling around my plot. Last night Cass and I stayed up until after 2 am working on plot holes, and going over story concepts. I think I've finally asked all my nagging questions as far as the vamps are concerned. Now, if I can only stretch it out by another 15k words. ;0)

That's all I've got for today. I think I'm about to take my laptop and go stretch out across the bed. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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