Monday, June 14, 2010

Braving the Hallway Laundry Mountain

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The kids are only driving me mildly bonkers today. I got up before Mini did this morning, and sat down to read through emails while drinking my coffee. When he got up, he proclaimed himself hungry and said he wanted a snow cone. I told him he could have one of those this evening, how about some breakfast. He seemed skeptical, but went with my plan. We browsed the fridge and I suggested bacon and eggs. He said that would be okay, and walked away with a sigh, which told me in non-speak that he'd rather have the snow cone, and that mother's everywhere else in the world give their kids snow cones for breakfast anyway.

I ignored the slight, and went to work cooking bacon and eggs. About five minutes into the order, Mr. Mini Bear stomps into the kitchen with his fists on his hips. "WHERE is my breakfast? You're taking to long. I'm hungry right NOW."

Oh, dear. See, with only one cup of coffee in my system, I'm afraid that totally piqued my Irish temper. I turned to Mr. Minibear and informed him quietly, "I'm cooking your breakfast right now, sir. If you're tired of waiting, it will take me only two minutes to spank your ornery rear." AKA, get your tail to that living room and watch Yu-gi-OH! before mama swats you good, boy. He got the message. He slunk off to the living room like it took every ounce of energy he had to drag his body to the recliner. Little rump.

The bacon and eggs were yummy. I made a plate for everyone, and told Oldest if he wanted food, to wake up and join the living. I swear, that guy will sleep until 2 in the afternoon if you don't wake him. After breakfast, I put the dishes in the dishwasher and put the laundry on. The house is an absolute wreck after the weekend.

The minute I returned to my desk, the phone rang. First the hubster called. Then dad. Dad is in fits right now, asking me daily if they've passed the unemployment extension yet. He has a computer and could look it up. He also has more satellite channels than I do, and yet, I've searched this thing out for him and told him they are going to have to re-vote. He's sweating it because the work has all but left our area. Everything but retail and service jobs. It's been going that route for the past few years, though.

I gave him money yesterday to put some gas in his truck, and told mom on the phone if she needed me to pay some of her bills, or buy her groceries, to let me know.

Anyway, after the phone call with dad, I opened up the manuscript I'm currently working on, and Mini came into my office and practically fell across my lap. "Mimi..." I'm noticing these days he only calls me Mimi when he wants something. Any other time it's MOM. Just for the record, so far his strategy is working, the lil turkeybutt.

"What is it?" I ask him, and he sighs like the living breath has been dragged out of him.

"I need you to play with me."

Right now, my office looks like a toy bomb went off. I told him to drag out the trains and his new car play set, and we put it in here. I did a multi-tasking play time that involved car playing, LOLcats browsing, and I tried to get a few words in. I didn't get so many words in, but... oh well.

He's playing with Pix-O's right now, and since it's after 1 o'clock and he's had his lunch, I'm going to see if he wants to go lay across the big bed and watch a movie (of his choice, aka Speed Racer, or Open Season, Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, or something along those lines) while I fold the laundry. I should probably pick something out of all the laundry to wear, too, since I'm still sitting around in my pajamas. What can I say, it's been a busy start to the day.

That's all for now. I'll update more on the writing projects when I finally get somewhere with one of them. Now to tackle the mountainous heap of laundry. I hope your Monday is a pleasant one!


  1. That picture is beautiful, I could sit and look at it for a while. So calming.

    My daughter is 19 and she'll call me mommy when she wants something, otherwise it's mom. lol

  2. ((hugs)) I'd help with the laundry if I could. I manged to get all ours done Sunday. With only the two of us and no kidlets, i usually only do laundry once a week. Thank goodness!

    Mini is still testing limits and seeing where mama has drawn the line of her patience. I think all kids do it at that age and as he gets older, it will probably become more frequent, going by how my nephews and great-nephews were back when.

    Oh, and where is by bacon and eggs, huh? lmao

  3. Sheesh, typos. I meant MY bacon and eggs, not by. eeps.


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