Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Pink...

...50k milestone!

As of this morning, I'm officially over the 50k mark on the vampire story. I know it needs a lot of fleshing out, but for the most part, the rough story is there from A-Z. I'm going to give it a rest for a day or two before I print it all up and start sorting through it. I need to get the plot details ironed out before starting on draft two, because the story has some growing to do. I gotta say, though, overall, I'm very jazzed with this thing.

There's a NOLA Stars meeting tomorrow in Bossier, and I plan to go unless it rains super hard or something. Or, if hubby calls me back and tells me there's something serious going on with his eye. Before I'd even crawled out of bed this morning, I got a call that the man had gone to ER. He got something in his eye at work, and the safety guy couldn't get it out. Oy.

This weekend, I need to go back through the Werekind story I've been working on, and try to get it shaped up a little more. I probably won't touch the vampires again until Monday, so I need something else to keep me busy. ;0) Aside from that, and RWA, it's going to be a quiet weekend here. Just words, drinks, and relaxation.

Speaking of words.... If you're looking for a fun (and steamy) summer read, I have the e-book for you! Cassandra Curtis, my critique partner, has a brand spanking new .99 cent story available on Smashwords today. It's called The Deal Breaker.

Eccentric recluse Athena Thanos owns Archimedes Island, a tropical paradise she can never leave. Cursed by the Goddess Hera, the moon and tides control her prison. Corporate player, Ryan Palmer is sent to negotiate a huge deal. But Ryan doesn’t know the hand he’s been dealt by fate or that he is the key to breaking Athena's curse. Will he agree to her demands once he understands the risks?

That's it for now. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Thank you for the plug for my new ebook! ((hugs))

    And yay Team Cora for making that 50K mark! Woot!


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