Friday, May 14, 2010

When In Rome...

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Wanna know what the most terrifying thing about high school graduation is? When your son comes to you and tells you he wants to be an artsy-fartsy bum and live in his van. That would be great, but my son can't even drive. I'm asking him about college and he tells me he wants to go anywhere far, far away from here. No goals, just away. To party. Like they do on TV. *forehead smack* I love him, I want him to have his fun, but he has no job, no money, and apparently no common sense.

I pushed him to get through high school, so I know he has no real intentions of making college work at this point, so I am finished. I did my job. He survived to adulthood and he's out of high school. I did my part. The rest, luv, is up to you, but I'm sure since you know so much you'll figure it all out. Oh, but just one thing... I am not paying for anyone's cross country party unless it is MY OWN.

Without a doubt, reality is going to bite this kid in the ass HARD. God help us all.

Tomorrow I'm taking Mini over to my parents house, since he wants to visit. They decided last minute not to go to Texas. I didn't feel one way or another about it, but the day before yesterday my mother called me all grouchy and defensive about it. Huh? I told her it was fine. In fact, I had no idea anyone was planning to go to anywhere, much less Texas, until she called and informed me. Why would I suddenly start bitching when she changes her mind?

I swears. My family is mental. And I need a holiday. The Artic sounds lovely. I'll take a flight out and someone can pick me up in six months.


  1. Oh boy. Well, I do understand where he is coming from and will say that eventually light dawns and we head-in-the-cloud types do make adjustments. So there is that. ((hugs))

    My own wake-up call took about ten months.

    Love and strength, sugar. CC

  2. I sure hope cassandra is right when she says eventually the light dawns...because my 18 year old daughter moved in with her boyfriend and I think she just plans on living off him. No job, not really looking, just having fun being away from her parents. They are adults now, time to act like it I say.

  3. Hopefully your son will either figure out how to get a paying job or figure out he needs further training to get a paying!

  4. It's 2:20 in the afternoon and Oldest is still sleeping. Ya know, I did some crazy stuff as a teenager, but I knew I had to work. I knew I had responsibilities and I took care of them.

    He says he wants to work, but the job application he picked up last week is still sitting on the dining room table - he hasn't even filled it out. I'm biting my tongue. I want to see just how long the damn thing sits there.

    I hate that Oldest feels WE have held him back by not living in a major city where parties and life and stuff actually happens (like on TV!)- at least in his thinking), but now that he's out of school, I see no effort to do anything other than play on the internet at night, and sleep during the day.

    Ya know, it wouldn't even bother me half as much that he wants to be an artsy-fartsy bum living in a van - IF he had his drivers license. IF he could drive. Or better yet IF he had an effing van!!! BUT he has none of those things, and has made no effort whatsoever to get any of it. In fact, he is waiting for US to buy him a van!

  5. God, that must be frustrating. All those years and effort you put into offspring...
    But it'll work out, I'm sure. He just needs a different context (living somewhere where you are not) for all the values he's picked up from you (like personal responsibility) to show up. If he showed them here he'd just be living in your shadow, and kids hate that.
    Stay sane and happy!


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