Wednesday, May 05, 2010

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Oh gee, where do I begin? I'm a frazzled mess, but it's kind of a good thing? Is that possible? Everything got off to a smooth start this morning. I managed to get my kidlets out the door on time, and found myself back home without having spent half the morning on time sucking errands.

Once back home, I poured a second cup of coffee and sat at my desk. I got half way through my one batch of emails and the phone rang. It was Oldest. He needed me to come pick him up from school. Apparently the seniors only need to be there for the ceremonies. They aren't allowed to be there simply to "wander through the halls". Um, okay. So, I pulled my hair into a ponytail, grabbed my sunglasses, and out the door I went.

I picked up Oldest and took him to the store for a drink (I was dying for a Diet Dr. Pepper by this point) before we returned home. Oldest, bless him, he's so quiet when he's here. He usually stays in his room and does geeky things - computer, sketching, etc. Even so, it seemed like once I got back, I couldn't get anything finished.

Oh! I did manage to sort through the billions of emails staring at me from my inbox. Christ, it's amazing the number of times I've won the Nigerian lottery. I mean, seriously, what are the odds of hitting it not once but twice? Better yet, fourteen times over a span of three days? Hot damn, I must be one lucky cat. :\

Anyway, I got most of my website updated. As soon as I get a free minute to do so, I need to redesign the about me page, and put up a new picture and bio. What's there is sufficient, but quite outdated. Yikes.

I managed to get a few more things tweaked for the MMC - there is still more to do, but I've already figured out that's going to take days to get everything rounded up. The Alison Tyler feature is scheduled to run tomorrow and as far as I can tell, I've covered all the bases. Which is a good thing, because I won't have a spare minute to my name tomorrow.

I picked up Mini from school around two and we cleaned out his cubby. I picked up his blanket, and she'd bundled his change of clothes, papers, cubby tag, in a garbage bag. Each kid had one stuffed in their cubby. Kinda sad, seeing that. On the way out, his teacher handed me his cap and gown for graduation. She told me we needed a white shirt and tie for the ceremony - which is tomorrow, of course - so after we left class, I had to make an emergency run to Wally World for a shirt and tie for Minibeast.

Funny it should happen like that, really, because on our way across the parking lot toward the store entrance, Mini started flipping out. "Look, Mimi! It's daddy's Jeep." I agreed that it looked like hubby's Jeep, but 'm thinking: Mm, no, it can't be, because hubby isn't off work until five.
The minute we walked close enough, I saw the Tybee Island sticker and I kinda reeled. It was Hubby's Jeep after all.

Usually he calls me when he gets out a bit early, but no messages, or anything. I walked into the lobby and we stopped by the cola machines. Two girl's from Mini's school were chattering away, waving and all that, and I can't get my effing phone to come on. *sigh* So, I take Mini inside and we case the registers. No sign of hubster. I'm kinda worried something might've happened, I can't imagine what, but there it is, so I'm hunting him through the aisles.

Finally I stopped and thought: Okay, if I were hubby and had to be here, what department would I be in. Of course, right off, he'd go to the electronic department. Lo and behold, when I checked, there he was. He had a clerk getting something out of one of the locked cases for him, and I automatically assumed he was getting something for his cell phone. I swear, the man goes through phones. Mini called out, "Daddy!" And we walked over there, but it wasn't until I touched hubby's arm that he saw me.

He looked shocked then he said, "Well, I suppose that ruins that surprise."
At first I had no idea what he was talking about, but then he gestured to the case and I realized it wasn't a display for cell phones. They were e-book readers. I'd basically walked up on my man buying my Mother's Day gift. Oops! Well, how was I to know, right?

Honestly it wasn't so much the gift that made me want to swoon, but rather the fact he has listened to me waffling over ebook readers for the past few months, and when it came down to gift time, went after something he knew I wanted. He remembered! ^_^ Yes, I'm sappy like that. And by the way, I do ♥ my new eReader. It's a silver Sony Pocket. I swear it, the man is a keeper!

On the ride home, some asshat in a silver extended cab nearly ran me off the road. We live on a one land road, and it's a given you have to move over to make room for two cars getting through. Only this guy didn't. I had to practically drive my little Mazda into the ditch. Oy, that really pissed me off. Not so much I had to pull so far over, but because I had Mini in the car with me. If that guy had hit me, they'd have needed a bucket to pick up what was left of that guy when I got through with him. *cat claws* For real, guys, don't buy more truck than you can handle on the road. If you're too afraid to drive it with one wheel on the grass, the other on gravel, let your bitch drive. Just FYI, people like that will be the first to end up road pizza when the zombie apocalypse strikes. Mark. My. Words.

The evening has finally wound down some. I've gone over as much business-y things as I can. I think I've got everything down to where I can just grab and go, which is vitally important. My agenda is as such:

*7:30 AM haul Mini to class?
*8 AM - Oldest's Senior Breakfast
*9 AM - High School Awards Ceremony::Oldest anticipates trophy for chess club. :*)
*10 AM - If Oldest is with us, take him home before bank run & errands.
*1:30 PM - Mini's prek graduation
*3:30 PM - Mini's post-graduation party

First thing in the morning, I have to call and find out what time Mini has to be at school, because a.) If he has to be there before noon, I will have to arrive at school early to put him in his cap and gown. b) If he doesn't go at his usual hour, I have to keep him home and let the Old man handle the Senior Tea alone. *sob* I don't want to miss it!

There are about a dozen other little things too. I'm sure to forget half of it until the very last minute. I've got so much on my mind, I hope I'm able to sleep tonight. *_*

Anyway, that's that. What's to be, will be. Once this is over, I won't have anymore "going somewhere" stuff to do until Saturday, which is when the monthly RWA gathering is going on in Shreveport-Bossier. After that, I'll have a couple of days to rest before Oldest's graduation on Tuesday.

Oh, don't forget to drop by Smashwords and pick up a copy of My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend if you haven't already. It's a romantic comedy intended for readers over 18. On the plus side, it's 100% free to download. Can't go wrong with that!

That's all I've got for now. I hope your Wednesday was a snazzy one. I'm off hit the showers, then the bed. I've kinda got a busy day tomorrow. ;0)

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