Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vampire Milestones #2

Hot damn. I'm currently sitting at 40,004 words on my vampire WIP. I'm celebrating with a blog entry and a second glass of sangria. If no one was looking, I'd sneak the last orange cupcake from the pantry and nom it down before anyone realized I'd hit the kitchen. But alas, I'm no ninja. I'd get busted for sure. The man is awake and playing Guild Wars. Heh.

So, the sangria will do! And the 40k. I'm super jazzy about that. Starting Monday, my goal will be 10k a week until I have this puppy to at least 50-60k.

Tomorrow I need to regroup and check my notes. See what scenes need to be written, and just get a general feel for what's in there and what isn't. I know of one scene in particular that needs to be written from scratch, but I can't think of any others. I suppose it wouldn't hurt if I made a list so I can go through and take care of them one by one. It may be a good idea to go ahead and note card my novel.

Now that I've slain the monster of the moment. I think I'll call it a night. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow getting Mini over to mom's for the Texas trip. I still haven't packed. And omg do I ever need to catch up on laundry. There is a heap in the hallway - it's seriously ridiculous.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe, and write happy!


  1. Glad the Vampire WIP is coming along good.

  2. That's an awesome milestone, Well done! :)

  3. Thanks, y'all. :*)


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