Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Update Avalanche - and an award!

I got up at 6:30 this morning and prepared to run the gauntlet. I had a list of things to do, most importantly to get the kids off to school and take care of my car insurance. I don't know what the deal is, but I got a notice that the company I'm with is canceling my new car because I haven't yet provided the registration. Um, I went up there the day I purchased the car and they said I'd given them everything they needed. Too, the official registration hasn't arrived yet. Neither have the license plates. I'm using temporaries until everything arrives.

After taking Mini to school, I drove to Ruston so the woman could basically scan off the bill of sale and fax it to the main insurance office. I sob at the gas spent on that trip, which should have/could have been avoided. On top of that, I'm kind of achy and delirious from this stupid cold. It was a very sleepy drive home. X_X

I got home and flopped in the chair, thought I'd go through my emails which have been sitting for a while, and discovered I had major things to fix online. Yikes! On a lighter, happier note...my website won the Caramel Corner award from Coffee Time Romance!

Red satin sheets, naughty pictures, and hot books -- for lovers of erotic paranormal romance, this website tempts, teases, and tantalizes. Navigation is as easy as clicking a "pic". My only complaint was that the author's blog didn't match the sensual feel of the rest of the site, but the information in Cora's diary was engaging, informative, and funny. Looks like Ms. Zane is going to have a new read, My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend, up at Smashwords in early May, so if you like the recent influx of zombie books, be looking for it!

Pam Skochinski
Review Editor, Coffee Time Romance

Cool beans! I'll be posting the award on my website tonight when I update everything. I went in to do it a couple of days ago and forgot my super sekrit word. I had to email my admin and ask. Heh. She's a peach, tolerating me. ^_^

(All things considering,I do kinda wonder if I should change my blog now... *pondering*)

Speaking of updates, if you haven't noticed, the Midnight Moon Cafe is also getting an update. I "walked in" on the blog earlier today and nearly fell out when I saw how many bandwidth issues the blog was having. Definitely had to fix that, so I decided I might as well fix everything in the process. There are still a few things to work on, but for now it's back to some semblance of order, and functioning as it should.

That's about it for now. I need to check on the 'chops in the oven, and see what the guys are up to before I toss the last of the laundry in the dryer. That said, I hope your Tuesday was a happy one! :0)

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