Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuck To A Chair, Watching This...

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Later on, two of those scuba guys are getting together to chase the Google van.

It's a quiet, rainy weekend. One of those where I kinda want to sleep the whole thing through and pretend it didn't happen. Part of that is due to the ear infection, I'm sure. My doctor's appointment isn't until Tuesday though, so I have to deal with it until then.

Mini wanted to visit his grandparents so I gave them a call. Of course the cutie-beast managed to wrangle a sleep over out of them. That's where he is now. I left him hanging out with his Grandpa and Blossom. They were watching How Things Are Made: baseball bats.

I came back home, and Oldest is still hibernating in the fungus cave. He comes out when he smells cooking, otherwise, you'd never know he's here. Hubster was getting ready for a drive to the Y. I gave him $20 and told him to bring back supper. I don't feel up to cooking.

Now all this is done, I'm going to take a couple aspirin, grab a diet coke and lock myself in my office for a few hours of writing. Sounds like a plan. Happy Saturday, everyone.

very demotivational
They're called boobs, Ed.


  1. Ear infections can be painful. I hope the doc gives you something that gets rid of it fast.


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