Friday, May 07, 2010

Sent Home

funny pictures of cats with captions

This morning I drove Mini to his last day of school...only when I got there, they sent us back home. Only Mini and one other kid showed up, so they canceled class. So, we're back home, and testing my patience, I mean, adjusting to the new routine.

Oldest has an hour of school Monday morning, an hour of school Tuesday morning, and then the graduation ceremony is Tuesday evening. After that, he's free! He still hasn't decided what he wants to do after school, so this should be interesting.

Tomorrow I gotta be up early to make it to RWA in Bossier, but come Sunday morning, I'm sleeping LATE. Let the summer slackassedness commence! W00t! I'm kinda-sorta thinking about registering for Nationals now that they've moved it to Orlando. Anyone else going?

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