Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Play Day

I haven't written much of anything today. I jotted in a few paragraphs in one scene on the vampire WIP and left it at that. I played boardgames with Mini, and drove Oldest to the library and dropped him off. Later in the day, Mini and I got into a war with a couple of the paper horns from his birthday party. That's pretty much been the order of the day.

I love days like this. Slow paced, no stress. Hubby brought home "good" wine this time, so once the little bear is in bed, I'll likely have a glass and settle in to write for a bit.

This weekend Mini is supposed to go to Texas with my parents. They're going to see great gram before she starts her radiation treatments. She's seen him only one other time, back when he was about 9 months old. He wasn't walking yet at time. When they return, we'll celebrate mother's birthday. I'm getting her a cake, a sun dress, and back porch steps. Not exactly birthday gift-like, but oh well. They have back steps, but the third step has broken through. They step over it, but I'm constantly worried one of them will fall and break a hip or something. Hell, it would probably be me that fell, teetering around on 4 inch wedge heels, but I'm just saying. They've laid a board over it until they can get a new set, so why not just go with it.

That's pretty much it. I'm going to continue hard hitting on this one story, but it'll be Monday before I really dig in with new goals. I'm going to be shooting for 10k a week to get this story finished. Until then, I've got some plotting to do.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Your day sounds exactly right. I'm home sick with a nasty cold and taking care of a sick toddler so we're not having as great a time... but I fully intend to go out and enjoy the sunshine once we're better. :)

    Glad to hear the WIPs are going well! Miss talking to you girl!

  2. Yikes, maybe the "sick" thing is spreading. I didn't cybersneeze on you, did I Isy? Eeps.

    Iam just sad I've wasted a week being sick and gotten nada done on my wip. Just haven't felt like doing much but sleeping.

    Glad you've made progress on your wip, Cora. ((hugs))

  3. We'll have to get together and Skype again soon, Isy. I hope you and Peanut are feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks, CC. I hope you're feeling better soon too. That sinusitis is tough to kick. :*(


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