Monday, May 24, 2010

One, Two-hoo, Three...

I nebber made it to de center wifout biting  ask Mr. Owl

First thing out of bed, I had to hunt for the phone. I swear that is the biggest beef I have with cordless technology - it's free range. I can never find it. It turned up after 30 minutes of searching between the couch and the recliner. I have no idea how it got there.

I called and canceled my doctor's appointment because over the weekend, I became aware that the office I'd planned to go to doesn't take credit cards payments. Jesus, that's a scary thought when it boils down to it. I kinda like it when my doctor keeps up with the latest technology. Do I really want someone lasering anything on me if they don't know how to scrub a credit card?

So now I have to find another doctor, and I hate getting started with a new doctor. Most of them are now embracing that whole tier payment crap. You know, it's three hundred dollars your first visit, but it goes down gradually once you've been visiting them with every cough and fart for six months?

Anyway, I'm going to call around this afternoon and see if I can get a work-in sometime this week. Not tomorrow though; tomorrow is Mini's fifth birthday. I have to go pick up his cake today and buy everything for his party tomorrow. We're having a small family gathering over at my parent's house. Ice cream cake, presents, and all that.

Mini has specifically asked for a Dancing Doors Hx Road Ripper. Basically, it's a toy Hummer that plays Axel Foley and the doors swing open and closed. No comment. It's the only thing he's asked for, so I went online and checked Toys R Us. No dice. I checked a few other places. No sign of it. Apparently it's a Kmart exclusive toy or something, because that's the only place online or anywhere I can find this thing.

We scrubbed our trip to TRU in Monroe since I couldn't get the toy there anyway. And I've been debating what to buy him that might replace Dancing Doors, because the closest Kmart is in Bossier and hubster was saying he absolutely wasn't making that drive. Even though I'd have been driving. BUT! This morning there was a message in my inbox - hubby had contacted me from work to ask where the Kmart is in Bossier. He's apparently going over there from work to pick it up.

I gave him directions, and so we'll see what he comes up with. Hopefully they'll have the truck in stock. I suppose it wouldn't hurt him to call first, but you

So that's the big shiz today. Over the weekend, I managed to put in a few scenes on two short stories, and I managed to the get the vampire WIP up to 32k. I hope to add another 2k to that today, if the forces that be are willing. (Namely Minibeast.)

That's all for now. I hope yours is a fabulous Monday!

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