Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Lazing

funny pictures-MOM LOVES YOU

Things are finally winding down from the past few weeks of crazy. I've survived Senior Tea that turned out to be Senior Day (nothing about that on the little card they sent me in the mail), and Mini's Pre-K graduation.

Yesterday I went with Jamie to the NOLAStars meeting in Bossier - our monthly RWA gathering. Tessa McDermid gave very good workshop on revision. Jamie and I walked away from it pumped up and ready to write. After the workshop, the lot of us went out to eat at TaMollys. I ordered the chicken quesadilla platter, and it was sooo good. Very nice place.

It was around four when I got back home, and the hubster and I planned to watch a few scary movies since Mini wanted to spend the night with his grandma. Whenever the little one runs off to gran's, we break out all the movies too freaky to put in when he's home. We ended up watching Zombies of Mass Destruction, and The Fourth Kind. The hubster got a little too freaked out to finish up The Fourth Kind. (He collects owls.) I thought it was a tad boring, and it's a movie I've wanted to watch ever since I spotted it on the shelves.

We made a trip to the store late last night so I could pick up mom's gift and card for Mother's Day. Bless her, she told me exactly what she wanted about three weeks ago. She wanted a specific tea kettle. I got there, and I found the only one that fit her description. I kind of panicked last night, thinking maybe I got the wrong one. I'll ask her, and if it isn't what she wanted, I'll go back for the right one. I also got her a lovely card - the one I thought best of the best on the rack. And guess what, when Oldest got up this morning, he gave me a card. It's the same one I picked out for my mother. How unexpected and awesome is that? It made me cry. :*)

I slept late this morning, til almost 9:30. Ah... the best Mother's Day present ever: being able to sleep until you want to get up. Hehe! Hubby had already made coffee, so I poured a cup and sat down a while at the computer before getting up to clean the house.

Oldest is currently off doing guy stuff with his buddy. I think they're off to the movies in Monroe. Mom called a while ago and said she's out of church, and stopping by BK with the Minibeast. They'll be here shortly, and I'll give her the card and gift I bought for her. Hubby is firing up the grill. Once everything settles this afternoon, I'll put on my writing cap and work on the vampire novel for a while.

So, all in all, it's going to be a lazy around the house kind of Mother's Day, which is just the way I like it. :*)

To all my friends who are mommies... Happy Mother's Day!

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