Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vampires and Werewolves With Bonus Yum

Whew! Okay. I missed a blogging day. Not intentional, but I've been super busy. I'm preparing for two graduations - Mini's and Oldest's - plus Mini's upcoming field trips (2) and then Oldest has been out of school all week because the sophomores and freshmen have been testing. A post spring break of sorts for seniors. In other words, it's effing insanity here right now.

Anyway, I went back through my vampire story and looked for discrepancies in setting, continuation, plot, etc. I found a couple of issues : name switch for one section, and a guy who arrived by bus in one scene and left in a car the very next scene over. That's fixed. Now I'm having a hard time choosing between two endings, so I may end up writing them both before deciding for sure.

That aside, I have all my notes plotted out from beginning to end. (Plus the alternate ending, which I can't dismiss as a real possibility for this story. I don't think the endings are massively different, but it could make a big deal in terms of tone and emotional payoff.)

The story is almost ready to write, and I'm super excited about it. All I have left to do is a bit of research on the location, and check up on a couple of historical facts related to the 1920's Coney Island. There are a few other odds and ends, but that's really the last of it: the fact checks. As soon as I have all that down in my notes, I'll be ready. Not bad for a week's work.

Oh, and just to clarify this vampire story is completely unrelated to the Immortal Lover's series, which is erotica. This current project is urban fantasy/dark romance.

I do have other stuff in the works as well. I don't get fan mail very often, but this week I actually had a handful of people write in to ask if I'll be putting out a Werekind story this year. The answer is yes. I promise there will be at least one Werekind werewolf book this year. If he is willing, and none to cranky about it (after all, he tends to be a bit growly by nature), I hope this one will be Seth's story - Laney's brother from Crossing Borders.

I have not been able to put my werewolf books out as quickly these days mainly because of piracy issues, and I'm terribly, terribly sorry about that. It's a constant battle to keep my Shifter books off illegal sites, and as anyone who has books out now knows, almost as soon as you take them down, they go up again. And this year I've had the problem spread to places like eBay and other, less savory auction sites - places where it's much harder to get your books down without getting lawyers involved, which in one case I have had to do.

The battle zaps you creatively, and at the end of the day, when I'd sit down to write a werewolf book, I turn on the laptop and... nothing. I can't write a single word involving my werewolves. The truly sad part of it all is I love these characters - to the bottom of my soul love them. They are like family, and when I'm too blocked to write about them, it feels like I've been cut off from family. There it is, make of that whatever you like.

I am not finished with them, however. Things are just a bit slower going with their stories for a lot of reasons. I plan to make up for that with longer stories for them. I can only hope in doing that, my readers can forgive the time spent waiting between releases.

I do have a few shorter works ...well, in the works. My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend will be going up soon. I haven't forgotten, so if you're looking for that one, it is on the way. I also have a couple of erotic submissions floating around, seeking homes, including a sexy vampire futuristic story. If the door closes on that one, I'm sending it right back out the window. Heh.

So if you're looking for new releases, keep checking back. There's more stuff on the way. :0)

Happy hump day, everyone.


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  3. ((hugs)) on the graduation insanity. And double ((hugs)) on the note cards and research.

    You're ahead of me on that stage. I am flitting between so many projects, I feel like the old woman in the shoe with far too many children, except my kiddos are books! lol.

    Past time I started weaning them off me and kicking them out the door to make their way in the world. :P

    It's a new moon tonight and I am having mum do a reading for me. Scary stuff. I'll tell you about it later, if I can peel myself off the ceiling afterward. lol.


  4. Girl, between the two of us, I bet we have twenty stories needing kicked out. *_*

    If I were there, I'd want your Mum to do a reading for me too! Just relax, and let her turn the cards. Lemme know how it goes, k?



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