Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting Fresh

I'm in a rare mood this morning, and it started when I realized that someone I've been friends with for over two years stopped following me on twitter. I'm not sure why really, and if I'm at all honest, it's so insignificant it shouldn't bother me at all. Except it did. Ridiculous isn't it? I mean, there's very little meat to the offense. It's just twitter. I unfollow people all the time - particularly the marketing folks. Never friends, though, even if I don't read their genre. I suppose that's why this slight seemed so personal.

I don't like net drama. I really truly hate it, and I typically avoid places where it happens. But that was like pushing my little red button, ya know? Especially when I've gone out of my way to be supportive, and to even beat-street promo for this person. What a pisser.

So, I did the unthinkable. I joined Quitter. And I did a sort-and-ditch over at FollowFriend, which basically tells you who isn't following you back on twitter. Starting with the fair-weather friend, I ended up tossing approximately 200 people from my list. People I didn't know. People who weren't writers - some who were. All of them weren't following me. I'm sure they'll never even notice I abandoned ship.

Out of the people I discovered who weren't following back, I kept 20. ALL of them insightful industry people. Mostly editors and agents. Although I did dump quiet a few agents. I can't remember why I added so many, unless it was to follow an agent chat. Why follow an agent who doesn't rep your genre? Anyway, I kept friends, fellow writers, and helpful souls who may not follow back but contribute to the industry through their twitter. And I think that is going to be my social media credo from this day forward.

I know it sounds a bit...catty. I can deal with that. I've been called far worse. Maybe it's spring fever. I don't know, and I guess it doesn't really matter.What's done is done. The point is I'm in the mood to start fresh, and object number one is to cut the dead weight. This is just the starting point. I can feel it. There will be much more cutting, and I'm not limiting the change to my twitter account.


  1. Sometimes Twitter does weird things and drops people from your follow list without you realizing. (I've had it happen to me where I knew I was following someone and then all of a sudden they weren't on my list anymore.)

    Anyway, FollowFriend sounds interesting--is it a program? a webpage? I need to trim my list too.

    As for why we get in moods like that? Maybe cuz Mercury was in retrograde? (I have no idea, I saw it twittered about--what does it mean anyway, LOL)

  2. Hey Leah, the follow friend is really really good. I recommend it. You just put your username in and it generates a list. Hop on over there and give it a try. Very simple to use.

    Mercury retrograde. Hm. That could be part of it too. It's when the planet appears in the sky to be moving backward from the earth. It's supposed to indicate things going wrong with...well, communications, but actually everything. LOL

    As for the friend, I've had the accidental drop happen on twitter, too. Sadly, this person dropped me off three accounts, so I'm pretty sure it's not accidental. C'est la vie, ya know?

  3. I mistakenly deleted my Twitter account. I'm a dork. The world's worst technical dork. I was trying to change my background and hit delete.

  4. Thanks for dropping by, I'm thinking about doing a twitchy-finger-accidental-delete thing to my myspace page.

  5. Cora, my MySpace page is in danger of the twitchy finger deleting thing too. Every time I try to post a link over on MySpace to my "real blog" to promote my guest bloggers MySpace doesn't allow it, saying it's spam or something. What's the point in updating it anymore then?

  6. Gods, yes! So annoying, isn't it? They zap every link off site, so you have to just post the URL for people to copy and paste. What a joke.

    The only reason I haven't ditched myspace yet is the pack of relatives who've friended me on there.


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