Friday, April 09, 2010

Small Town Naughty

Take a tour of Dirtyville

Dirtyville: 13 tales of small town naughty... is available now at the following distributors online:

    Dirtyville has a kick-ass sister book called Kinkyville. They're being offered together as The Dirtyville Collection at 1RE Exclusives. Psst... a little secret:1RE Exclusives is the ONLY place to get both books in one volume.

    Dirtyville features hot hot hot stories from Scarlett Greyson, P.S. Haven, City Different, Alison Tyler, Emma Hillman, Cora Zane, Angela Caperton, Jeremy Edwards, Willsin Rowe, T. Harrison, Vida Bailey, Heidi Champa, and Sommer Marsden.

    Kinkyville features divine, sexy smut from Charlotte Stein, Shanna Germain, Parker Ford, Alison Tyler, Benjamin Eliot, Lux Zakari, D.L. King, J.D. Waters, Angell Brooks, Rita Winchester, Scarlett Greyson, and Sommer Marsden.

    My story Red Light, Green Light is included in the Dirtyville anthology. It's a fun little story about getting down and dirty at the car wash. I hope you'll check it out. :0)

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    1. Woot!!!! Congratulations on making the cut, sugar! Love, love that story!


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