Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silver and Sparkly

Everyone was gone when I woke up this morning, so I wandered through the house in my pj's, grabbed a cup of coffee, and had just sat down in my desk chair when a horn honked in the driveway.

It was hubby. He'd gone by the dealership to take pictures of the Mazda, and one of the workers saw him doing it and came outside. She told hubby pictures were no good - he needed to drive the car out to the house and make me take it for a test drive. Heh. Not much consumer influence there, right? ^_^

Hubby did it, of course. What can I say, he's a guy, bless him. And I have to admit, the car is perfect for me. Low mileage, runs fantastic, cold air, CD player, four door for kids and grocery getting, a HUGE trunk, and a sun roof. I took it for a test drive along our street, turned around near the church and came back home. Yep. I was sold. :P

I got dressed, pulled my hair in a ponytail and called to see if the Visa gods would allow such a purchase. That was green lights and go to's, so I pulled on my shoes and off we went. I drove to the dealership, and worked out a super sweet trade-in for BBQ Jeep. Lemme just say...this is the first time I've personally bought a car all on my own. No one else choosing, no one else's name on the title, etc. It went by surprisingly fast. After the rush, which took about an hour for everything, hubby and I jetted off to Ruston to change over the car insurance.

Busy day, but busy in a good way. Everything is settled, and I love the new (used) car. Now I need somewhere to go. ;0)

After all that, we're finally back home. We visited mom for a bit, and went to pick Mini up from school. Around five I'll probably hit the treadmill then take a bath. We picked up a copy of Gentlemen Broncos on DVD, and I've been dying to see this movie. It looks hilarious.

Speaking of movies... The Shining. One of the best horror movies ever, in my opinion. My hubby sent me the link to this "recut" trailer for the movie, which recasts it as a romantic comedy.

The interesting thing about this, I was just talking to Cass about letting a book be what it is. If it's a horror, let it be a horror. If it's romance, let it be. I've been guilty in the past of trying to make a horror novel into a romance, so when I watched this it was a real eye opener. It is, what it is.

That's all for now. I'm gonna try to get a little of writing done while I can. Hope your Wednesday is a happy one!

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  1. Happy New Car Day! Weee!

    RIP beloved Jeep. You served your mistress well.


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