Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rainbow Crystals and Watermelon Schnapps

Had to have this! Available at Max and Chloe.
I'm waiting for Oldest to pull himself together so I can drive him up to the high school. He's registered for the USCF chess tournament in Shreveport, and is going with the chess club. I think he's a little nervous, bless him. I'm sure he'll be fine. It's more about the learning experience than winning anything, so I wish he'd relax a bit.

Hubby just left with the wee one. They're riding out to the Sunshine Festival, which is right down the road from us. I told him to bring me fried noms if they have anything promising. Such as alligator on a stick, which is my personal favorite.

I have no idea how long they'll be gone, but late this afternoon, I'm taking Mini over to my parent's house to spend the night. They bought a new keyboard, and have all kinds of fun stuff planned for him. Dad's job just bumped him to 7 days a week, so this will be the last weekend he gets for a little play time with the grandkids. They're going to do ice cream floats, pop popcorn and do all kinds of stuff that gets kids wired up and hyperactive. Stuff that makes moms cringe, ya know? That, followed up by church - and they have a bunch of special stuff geared toward him there as well, since he's one of the few kids attending. So, tonight I'll probably kill off the second half of the bottle of watermelon schnapps I started on last night. Oh, wait. I haven't even blogged about that yet. Here goes...

Last night, I settled in with a glass or three of watermelon pucker schnapps. I've been all hormonal and cry-y this week. Add to that, I've been craving a rainbow road - or maybe just the sour silly straws in it - so I figured come Friday night what better way to kick the blues than to get my drink on.

Of course, out here in the sticks, I have to go more simple than that. I told the man I didn't really care too much what we ended up bringing home, but it needs to taste like liquefied Sweettarts in a glass. With ice. So that was the order of the evening. Hubby brought home the watermelon pucker mix and we blended the heck out of it. I am almost ashamed to admit I went through half the bottle. Almost. I slept like a rock afterward, the best sleep I've had in probably two months. It all evens out in the end, I think. 

Today I have a few errands to run, but mostly I'll be a house mommy in case I have to make a surprise jaunt to Shreveport to pick up Oldest. So, it's definitely a writing day. I have my timer ready, and my notes. I'm shooting for at least two chapters. Do-able with an empty house, so wish me luck.

I think I'm gonna go back for a second cup of coffee. Then it's time to put on the writing hat. I hope you all have a sparkly Saturday! :0)

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  1. I'll tell you the truth, that watermelon schnapps sounds delectable. I might have to get me some of that.

    *hugs* on feeling mopey. Feel free to email me and rant if you need to. xoxo


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