Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the Mazda?

funny pictures of dogs with captions
At least he's not an editor.

It's been a wild and crazy day. I woke up and realized it was 7:30, and Mini wasn't napping with me. He usually climbs in the big bed around 6 every morning. The rest of the house is quiet, so my first thought is he's into something. So, I jumped up to go find out what the "into" is, and to rush around and get him ready for school. Oops. I leave the bedroom in a fury. I'm trying to put in a ponytail holder and zip my jeans. I round the corner and nearly have a heart attack. Hubby is sitting at the table. I wasn't expecting to see anyone sitting there. But now that I see him, I remember... Oh, yeah, he's supposed to be off today.

He tells me he's going to haul Mini to school, so I grumble something - I can't remember what. I end up going back to bed, but all I can do is lay there and thing of other things I could be doing. Surely a sign of insanity. Anyway, I try to snooze for a few minutes longer, and I do kind of doze off, but the whole time I'm "dreaming" of typing, or running around the house for something. By the time I wake up again, I feel like I haven't slept at all.

I went on into my office and checked emails before I set about writing anything. After that, I went through my research list and tried to find the last few facts I needed for this story. So many little nit picky things...it drives me crazy. I ended up ditching a character and totally changing where the heroine lives, plus five or six other things similar to that. Other than that, the story is on track. Tonight I plan to have a fling with Dr. Wicked to and get some words out.

Late in the day, hubby went to pick up Mini. He left a little early so he could drop by the used car lot and peek around at what's available in town. BBQ Jeep is not running very well, and needs a lot of work. Time to trade her in. He called me and said they'd give me a 1500 trade in on BBQ for a 2002 Mazda Protege with a sunroof there on the lot. I told him I'd have to think about it. We'll probably take a drive to Ruston this weekend and see what's available over there.

On top of the "new car" jazz going on, my new cell phone arrived. Yay. Pinkie cell phone has been mysteriously dead for about a month and a half now. I mourn her pink shininess, but what good does it do me?  I ended up with a cobalt blue samsung. I gotta admit it's cute, but it's also the same damn phone we bought for Oldest for Xmas last year. *sigh* At least I can take pictures with it.

Hubby brought home a surprise for me as well. Blueberries and a brand spanking new mp3 player to use on the hamster wheel. It's just a cheap lil RCA, but it's sooo simple to use. I charged it, opened the drive, and dumped my songs in. Voila! Ready to test it out on the treadmill. Which I did.

I'm doing 30 minutes daily on the treadmill, and today I did 10 minutes on the exercise ball to cool down. I swear all those years of cheer gave me leg muscles like Xena. *sigh* One session on the treadmill and I'm bulked up. I wish I knew how to ditch the muscles, but I guess toned is toned is toned. #nobitchingzone  Once I shed about 25 pounds, I'm going for a complete day at the salon. Nails, hair, toes, the whole works. I have a haircut all picked out. {image deleted} Great look. No snakebites for me though. I'm too old. ;0) I love the razored texture,and will definitely go back to the lady who cut my hair last time. By the way, that picture is linked to the source, so if you want to check out more hair, clicky, clicky.

Tomorrow we're all back to the grind. I'm gonna haul the Mini-me to school, run home, do 30 minutes on the hamster wheel then shower. After that, time to hit the WIP. Honestly, though, I get more writing done at night. I'll be glad when summer is here and school is out. Then I can stay up as late as I wanna. ;0)

That's it for now. I gotta go meet up with Cass and check out some SL places for rent in Awen. I hope you all had a snazzy Tuesday!


  1. That dog reminds me of someone...yeah, My cuz, Earl. lol

    Love that hair-style, Cora. I say go for it!

  2. LOL! Cousin Earl, here, boy! *whistle*


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