Friday, April 23, 2010

Now With Bacon

I think this may have been the longest day ever. I think it would've gone better if I hadn't taken an allergy/sinus pill around 8 this morning because OMFG I've been walking around like a zombie the entire day.

It doesn't help that it rained all day, or that I've had zero motivation, mostly because I kept Mini home. They were doing Kindergarten round-up at his school, and I've already registered him for our district.

Around 3 this afternoon I attempted to do the nap thing. Mini was whiny and tired as well, so I put in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in the DVD player, got him ready to snooze with his fave pillow and all that...and then there was a knock at the front door. It was my godfather visiting. So, no nap. On the other hand, GF brought a set of apple trees for hubby to plant, and a couple blueberry bushes. How cool is that?

Nothing much else to report. I'm finishing up this chapter on the vampire story, and tonight I'll print it to see what I've got. That's about it. Writing this weekend, and what not.

Since it's so very hard to keep my eyes open, so I'm gonna round out the day by falling across the bed and snoozing for a few hours. I imagine around midnight I'll be up and ready to start writing again. I love doing that. Friday for the win!


  1. I had the same thing happen to me. I was fine as a fiddle, then got the nose itch and knew I was feeling the allergies, so I ate some local honey on a crumpet with butter this afternoon, and I got sleepy and nodded off in the recliner, glasses on, papers fallen to the floor (I was red penning my edits, too) and woke up a little while ago and was like, dinner time already? Eeps! lol.

    Hope you feel better now though, oh and I am already tasting those blueberries in a smoothie and cannot wait to show you how to make sugar-free apple butter from scratch. ooh yumm!

  2. I went to bed, and here it is 1AM now. I don't remember it, but Mini apparently piled in bed between me and the hubster. He woke me up sleep-kicking me so now I'm procrastinating.

    Ooh, you bring the blueberries, I'll bring the ice and schnapps. You have a blender right? ;0)


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