Thursday, April 08, 2010

The More Things Change...

I registered Minibeast for kindergarten this morning. *sob* I'm getting too old to deal with the emotional stress of releasing young offspring into the wild. It wasn't easy with the first one, and this one seems doubly hard. As if to really hammer it home for me, Mini's taking preschool graduation photos today. Cap and gown shots. *lip quiver*

Kinz, the oldest of my furbabies, he's commiserating with me. Bless his heart. I fed him part of a left over rice crispy treat, and now he's passed out in doorway of my office. How's that for keeping someone company?

Ever since I got back from the school, I've been going over workshop notes. In four weeks I will be free...FREE! of course work. I'm already going through my brainstorming sheets, putting the pieces together and comparing my ideas against the things I've recently learned. I do believe these last two courses are going to make a huge difference in my writing.

That's all for now. Gee, it's after 10:30. Time to stop tinkering around and get on with the duties of the day. I hope your Thursday is a fabulous one!

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