Saturday, April 10, 2010

Method in the Madness

Mini came to me last night and informed me has a sore throat. Oh dear. I do believe everyone in the family has a spring cold of some sort. Dad even took off from work *faint* yesterday to go to the doctor. He's had the spring cold crud for so long he's developed an ear infection and his lungs are inflamed. I can go for so long then I'm right back to using the inhaler. It's ridiculous. I've been looking forward to this month's NOLA Stars meeting - I love the recap meetings after conference - but I just know I'd give everyone else my ick. So, I decided to stay home.

It's not all a loss, I guess. So far I've worked out 90% of my new vamp novel in the pre-writing stage. I'm wrapping up the resolution today, and once I clear that, I can start looking at individual scenes. I'll be making cards for the ones I already know are in there and setting aside blank cards for scenes/sequels I haven't decided on yet. I've pretty much got all the scenes mapped out toward the mid-point. So, I have about half the novel to do cards for. Peaches. :0)

Sometime during the weekend, I hope to do a little crocheting. Laugh if you will. When I'm not writing, I like to pick up yarn. How crafty of me, right? So I want to do something in rainbow colors. Crazy leg warmers or some such thing. I'm not sure if I have the right colors, but I have to admit, it has never hurt my feelings to have to go yarn shopping.

Toward the evening, I hope to catch the fair-lady Cass online for a chat. She came at me with some wonderful news yesterday, and I've been full of happy since. And relief. Whatever would I do without my critique partner!

That's all for now. I hope you have a sparkly Saturday!

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