Sunday, April 04, 2010

Love Lasts...Until the Zombies Get You

ebook covers

My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend is coming soon to Smashwords. This is an erotic romance comedy and hehehehehe: I love this cover!

About My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend:

Regina Bryant finds her ex-boyfriend, Jimmy stumbling around in the hedges outside her house. He's a zombie now, but no less intelligent than he'd been while alive. Determined to "shoo him away", she tosses a pillow at him and tries to remind him that they'd ended their relationship weeks ago, but her efforts are interrupted when Heath Collins, her sexy, single neighbor, unexpectedly comes to the rescue.

Heath has had his eye on Regina for a while, and intends to use his zombie-bashing rescue as an ice breaker. The problem is, he has no idea the bumbling undead is actually her newly-departed boyfriend. Great. Now he'll have to find another way to impress her. After all, who wants to spend the zombie apocalypse alone?

I'll be posting more about this story when it becomes available - which should be sometime within the next week or so. Keep checking back!


  1. Love it!

    I'm hording my zombie book until I'm done with this YA one. I'm plotting on plunging headlong into the zombies after it's done.

  2. This sounds awesome, Cora! Can't wait to hear more about it.

  3. This sounds like enormous fun!

  4. Thanks, y'all! I'm glad you like the sound of it. :*)

    Ann, you know I love your stuff. I hope you get around to your zombies soon.


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