Friday, April 02, 2010

Kids...Nature's Reminder That You Are OLD

It's here...senior prom. In about an hour I'll be driving Oldest Bear to Ruston to pick up his tux. Yep. I'm feeling rather well-defined by age right now. :P

Anyway, that's the main event going on here. I want to get at least one story finished over the weekend. Since I have the kids here until Tuesday, I might as well hit a writing binge. I need to, since I have three WIPs on my desktop right now. Time to get some of these finished and ship them out.

Too, I need to reformat my freebies for Smashwords. Before I do that, I want to go through and update them. Proof them out a little more since it's been ages since I read them. I think one of the books is going to require a new cover. *sob* It's always something, though, isn't it?

So that's it for now. Mini is talking something about "paint" in the other room. I better go check on him. I hope he's not after the easter egg dye again. Speaking of dye... Eggs - almost forgot to put eggs on my shopping list!

Happy Friday, everyone!

UPDATE: Notice anything different? I still have to get my content on the sidebars, but I'm going for a new look. ;0)


  1. I love love the new blog look. Very eye friendly. With or without the eye stalks. lol

  2. Thanks, girl! It's a much needed change. I've had the old blog look since 2006!


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