Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kick Off Your Stilettos

It's almost 1AM and I'm hanging out, tinkering around on myspace. It's been ages since I dropped by there to check messages and whatever. I half rearranged, half fucked up my profile over there. And I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to take down a song off my playlist. Yes. I'm now officially myspace challenged. Honestly, I've considered deleting the entire page, and probably would if I didn't have half my family added on my myspace. It's the only way I know how to contact some of them. So, I guess as long as they don't kick me out for inactivity, I'll leave it be.

Not that I'm waiting up or anything - he has permission to stay out til dawn, but I have nothing much to talk about soooo.... Oldest is still out doing the prom thing with his friends. I have no idea when he's supposed to come dragging up, but I imagine he won't be out of bed anytime before noon tomorrow. For anyone interested, I added pics of Oldest child in his tux cheesing out before prom. They're on my facebook in the Just Cora album. Gosh, my baby is all grown up.

It's been thundering since about 10pm, and the wind was blowing so hard it was rattling the windows. Mini woke up crying, so I tucked him in bed with the hubster and made my way into the office. I've twittered, facebooked, myspaced, and wrote about 1100 words on a naughty wip. Ugh. I could have done much more, but...Well, I have no excuse. I blame the Procrastination Faerie. (And I know I'm going to regret not jamming on the wip come tomorrow. Maybe a date with Dr. Wicked is in order. At least one 1k jaunt before bed?)

Oh, I want to mention, since I did redo my blog, I misplaced some of the links that I had added to my friend list. If you see you're not on there and want to be added, leave me a message or email me. You know the drill. I wish it hadn't killed all my links, but my blog needed an update something fierce. It's been the same damn design since 2006, and it wasn't even really "me". Know what I'm saying? Sparkly stars on the otherhand, tres Cora. And I am not ashamed. ;0)

::nite nite everyone::

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