Friday, April 09, 2010

Hurray for Friday

I have attacked today with much fierceness. I woke up a little late, and had to rush around to get and find something for Mini to wear to school. My nose felt all burny inside, and everything smelled like that little neighborhood over by the paper mill. Ugh. That is always the first sign of a sinus infection for me. Darn it, but I just got rid of that stubborn pre-Xmas sinus infection a few weeks ago. I refuse to go down in flames this soon after recovery. Anyway, no coffee was made when I got up, so I grabbed a Diet Dr. Pepper and ran full force so we weren't late. Much to my surprise, we actually made it out of the house on time.

I dropped the Minibeast off at class first thing then drove over to Wal-mart and bought a portable steam inhaler with all the fixin's. I will NOT get sinus sick again so soon. No, no, no. If breathing menthol vapors for 4 hours out of the day doesn't cut it, I'll go back and buy a neti pot. Yes, I'm that determined.

Once back home, I chatted with my mommy on the phone, and went over emails. Then I sat with an inhaler to my face for about 45 minutes while going over the last lesson in the book structure workshop - what an awesome course, by the way. I finished up my lessons, sorted all my notes and typed them up. I do believe I have a new grasp on writing that I didn't have before. Honestly. I'm quite excited about getting back to writing.

Around lunchtime, I did a quick run through of the house to tidy things up. I made beds, tossed clothes in the wash, made beds, ran the dishwasher. The usual. I made a cuppa tea shortly thereafter, went back to the inhaler for another round while going over typed notes.

I'm about to hit the inhaler again. Tonight I have no major plans aside from pulling together the final section of my outline for this new project. Oh, yeah. And I'm leaving hubby's ghost radar running. I told the "room" that if they come up with any compelling plot ideas to just spell it out. ;0)

So there you have it - all the goods going on here. Inhalers, plot outlines, and ghost radar. Happy Friday, everyone!

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