Saturday, April 03, 2010

Heart Spell has a new cover!

My erotic paranormal romance Heart Spell is now part of the premium catalog at Smashwords. This is a free download available in multiple formats, including those for the Kindle and Sony. About the book...

Light a candle, cast a spell... Presley isn't about to give up small town living, not even for love. Kinkaid is an immortal used to getting what he wants, and he's grown tired of waiting for his beautiful, stubborn Presley to accept tradition and take her place at his side. He's cooked up an ingenious plan to unite them once and for all.

Contains adult content. For readers 18+ only!

I will be adding my other free reads as soon as possible. These will also be receiving cover updates, so keep checking back for more information about upcoming titles.

Download Heart Spell in the format of your choice by clicking here:

Heart Spell, Cora Zane
ISBN: 978-1-4523-9552-4


  1. Very, very pretty cover.((hugs))

  2. Thanks, hon! I tell ya, I played fits with getting an acceptable cover for Smashwords. I liked the old cover, but I guess the resolution wasn't high enough. *_*


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