Saturday, April 24, 2010

Free Hugs and Candy Vans

Um, okay. You go first.

Finally some sunshine!  I'm going to take the Mini Mite out later to play on the swing set, and I promised to take Oldest shopping. I think he's a bit bored, bless him. I'm going to do the honors and take off the garbage before we are declared our own dump site. There are three Hefty bags waiting to go "to the kitties". Today I have to deliver.

I kept some odd hours last night, but I managed to get in my 30 minutes on the hamster wheel, and I finished the much debated upon chapter of my new vamp story. I printed it up to give it a read through this morning and the darn thing gave me chills. Chills. This vamp guy is scary. And I think I have a serious crush on him.

So. I'm cruising ahead with this thing. On to round two. I'll be hitting my first plot point soon, and I'm kinda excited about that. Thanks to all those workshops I've been taking, it's happening right on time, right where it's supposed to. I'm also incredibly glad I wrote an in depth outline for this entire book. No guesswork. No laying awake at night wondering what comes next. I know exactly where this bus is going, and I do believe I'll be writing all future projects this very same way - organized.

On an entirely different topic, I've been listening to a lot of dark ambient music while writing. It's not easy to find good tunes. I don't like the cheesy satanic bullshit, or the stuff that sounds like they're trying to recreate someone vomiting. I like the horror soundtrack-esque type. Great for writing. This person makes really good tracks:   It's like having your own soundtrack while writing. Cool beans.

That's all for now. I'm dressed a bit like a castaway, so I'm gonna go pull on some clothes worthy of wearing into a store. Truth told, I'm looking forward to this drive with Oldest. He hasn't had a chance to ride in the new car yet. Heh.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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