Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dust Bunny Village Massacre

It's been a busy weekend. Good, but hectic. Yesterday felt like an all day taxi service sprint, and by the time I went to pick up Oldest from his chess tournament, I was exhausted. On top of that, his ride was an hour late getting back. So, I ended up sitting in a dark parking lot by myself for quite a while. I wasn't too thrilled about that.

Today, I didn't accomplish a lot of writing. I plan to write a bit tonight to try and make up for it, but I'm waiting for everyone to go on to bed before I drag out any files to work on.

Earlier, Hubster went out and bought a treadmill. I have been asking Santa for a treadmill for two years, and I guess it was just too big for the old man's sleigh, because he never delivered. Before the desire to have a treadmill struck, I was a rowing machine girl. I have owned two, and the last one Oldest broke while getting too "Olympic" with it. Basically, he was clowning around. Yep. I was super happy about that, as you can probably imagine.

I've been without a human hamster wheel for a few years, so this is going to take some getting used to. I planned to give it a go this afternoon, but omfg the work just to get the damned thing in the house!  When hubby left to go get it, I ran through the house, moving things around, putting the guitars by the closet so they could get the big box into the house and to our room. Okay. The guys got home with the box, manuevered it pretty well, and there ya have it - it's in the bedroom. Now to assemble the damn thing.

Hubby put it together, and I pretty much held the pieces for him - which was kind of dangerous, if you want the truth. At one point he's putting these screws into a connection on the back of the handrails, and I'm like, if he slips, I'm going to end up with a screwdriver in the gut or an eye. Cripes. So, I'm standing waaaay back, probably not doing much help holding up the frame at all. Then again, it hardly matters because I got my workout AFTER we got the thing put together and in place.

Once the treadmill was assembled, we realized the cord was going to be too short to put it where we'd planned. That meant we had to move both dressers to another wall. I was kinda feeling the hammer of doom at that point, but it's not like we could leave the thing in the floor, ya know?  So, we moved the dressers...which haven't been moved in probably 10 years. The valley of dust bunnies were screaming as their home was exposed to artificial lighting and conditioned air. After the dressers were relocated I had to stop everything to sweep and Swiffer the "uncovered" area. Once I got that finished, I realized the rack where I keep all the sheets and blankets and such would also have to go. So...I took everything and moved it. And the rack had to go. More dust bunny village was revealed. Sweep and Swiffer x2. By this point, I'm tired and don't want to even think about the effing treadmill. BUT!  It occurs to us we will need a surge protector with at least a six foot cord to plug the damn thing in.

Overjoyed (not really) I told Oldest to put on some shoes, and take a ride with me to WallyWorld. (I bribed him with promises of snack cakes.) I gave him a couple of twenties and sent him in. He came out with a surge protector, a case of Diet Big Red, and a box - a BOX- of supersized swiss rolls.

Yes. I do realize swiss rolls and diet big red are counter-productive to using a treadmill, thank you very much.

To make a long story short, we got home, we plugged in the treadmill, realized the outlet was dead. MOVED the fucking treadmill - again. And replugged. It worked! And then I had to go and do a mountain of laundry that I moved from the rack and dumped in the floor because I had no where else to put it. I also had to fold everyone else's clothes, put them away, give Mini a bath, and do the dishes. I am exhausted. And every attempt to set one foot on that treadmill resulted in an audience. No, I am not kidding.

I finally gave up trying to "test it out", and told everyone I'd give it a go tomorrow - while they are GONE. To school, or at work  - wherever they plan to go. ((Hugs, kisses, love you all, but no camera phones allowed.))

So that has been my day. I feel like I've run a marathon. And now, I need a shower, so you can probably guess what's next on my agenda. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more fun and/or writerly to talk about.

In the meantime, I give you star cookies. (Don't eat, just for looks!) ;0)

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  1. ((hugs)) Why does this sort of thing always happen to us? I read your post and had total deja vu. Only mine was with my computer desk not a treadmill. Ugh. Oh and the guest day bed that I had to un-assemble and then reassemble like fourteen times. ugh.

    I just tell myself it will get better, it will. lol. And see, now you have this awesome treadmill to work out on and get svelte. The silver lining is my carrot. lol.

    Love ya,


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