Friday, April 30, 2010

The Crawfish Diaries

funny pictures of cats with captions
I'm another stair artist. I never mastered the Etch-A-Sketch.

Poor Minibeast has been sick for three days now. Today I had to summon all my mommy super powers for patience. Any and everything set Mini to crying. I had settled him on the couch with his blanket and a pillow, put in Hamtaro, and he came into my office bawling. "I can't find Crayola. He's gone. Gone forever!"

Crayola is a stuffed crawfish. I assured him Crayola was in the stuffed animal bin in his room, but there was no convincing him. In his mind, the crawfish had disappeared into the oblivion reserved for lost socks and dropped pocket change.

I guided Mini to his room and proceeded to pull every stuffed animal out of the bin. I found Crayola at the very bottom. Mini hugged him tight one time, then romped off to the room with an armful of power rangers.

And that has much summed up how my day has gone. Exhausting.

I have two pages left to proof on my zombie story, but I can't seem to go five minutes without being called for something. Although it may not appear that way, it has taken me at least four hours to get this blog post written.

Lesson learned: some days, there's simply no room for productivity. Lesson #2: I wish I was at RT. Maybe next year.

That's it for now. I hope yours is a fabulous Friday!

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