Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekend Plunder

It's date night! Official plans with the man include dinner, a movie, and a stop by Petco.

Heh. Actually we have to do the Petco thing first. Miss Fifi von Diva has an appointment at the vet next week. We're having her spayed, so we've got to pick up a roomy sized crate for her to nest in while she's recouping. We're going to take the wicker chair out of the master bedroom and put her in there so she can have some peace. Mini would likely drive her bonkers otherwise. (And probably me too.)

So, the first vampire short story on my "to write" list is on paper. Now to proof it. I'm roughly four pages in already, and should have it finished and ready to sub over the weekend. *thumbs up*

After that, on to story #2. I have a partial story sketch started for that one, a couple of character ideas (the character arcs, pretty much), but no title. It's going to take a bit more development before I start writing the draft for that one. I'd like to get in a week of brainstorming before laying down the outline.

Overall, I have three more stories to write (and submit) by mid-summer. During all this, I have to get my main WIP whipped into shape. I'm thinking I'm gonna need a LOT of caffeine and chocolate to get through this.

I'm still taking the revision courses, but it's taking me longer than expected to figure out some of the lessons. I got all the way to lesson 13, and decided I didn't do a thorough enough job on lesson 10. So I went back to 10, scrapped everything I had, and started over from there. I came away with a much cleaner, workable project piece. Very happy with that. On Monday, I'll start on lesson 11 (again), and this time I'll pay more attention to what I'm doing - because I only want to do one thorough revision of this damn book before it reaches an editor. Wish me luck!

Everything else aside, I'm enjoying a comfy weekend. I hope you are, too!


  1. Your work ethic is superb! I just finished my YA fantasy sequel last weekend, giving myself a few days to revise and submit.

    Now I'm working on a short story that I would like to have done by this coming week but which time continues to make impossible!

    After this, it's mental break time. Just for fun projects will abound, and hopefully refuel the muse. ;)

  2. I adore Edward ScissorPony. lol. Kepp up the good work. ((hugs))



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