Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Revision Cards

I sat down at the computer yesterday, took out a sheet of paper and turned it sideways. (so I couldn't write on the lines) I then created a TO DO list for my story. I jotted down all the scenes that I could think of that occur after scene 22 in my book. I have plot holes, so the goal was trying to fill in those missing scenes.

I've tried two other methods to do this, but each effort ended in a jumbled mess. And I still ended up with plot holes - the very thing I'm trying to fix.

So here we are. Third time's the charm. Doing it this way -writing it out of linear order on a sheet of paper, sort of like a brainstorming chart, I managed to get the scenes down.

Last night, I put the new scenes in order, and this morning I wrote them all out on neon note cards, hole punched them and put them in linear order on a single ring. There they are shown above. Flipped over, of course, so you don't have to look at my gawd-awful handwriting. There are now 55 cards on the ring.

After lunch (it's 12:30, and I haven't eaten yet), I'm going to work on my vampire plot outline for a bit, then I'll break out the neon note cards again. I'll read through the ring to see if I missed anything. If I find any plot holes, I'll make a new note card and and fill in the gap. I plan to have this part of the process finished today. This will give me the entire (necessary) set of revision cards, which is what I'll be using as a guide when I do my rewrites.

I'm currently writing a vampire short. Er, well, pre-writing it. I have a page of notes, and most of the scenes in place. I should be able to sit down and write this puppy over the weekend. *rubs hands together*

I have four stories to write. Two of them I have to finish before March 31st. That's when hubby goes back to work. The other two, I need to finish by the end of July. These, of course, are apart from the note card story. So plotting it is. Busy, busy...

There you have it. My goals for the week. I'm neck deep in this stuff, but I'll dig myself out. That's all I've got for now. I hope you're all having a happy hump day. :0)

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