Saturday, March 27, 2010

Request Denied

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Oh, noes! They gave me teh paw. :*(

So I had this really good idea for a love scene. One where the hero and heroine realize they are absolutely over the moon about each other. It was sexy, emotional and just perfect for the cause... And then I woke up.

Yes, seriously. I woke up.

I've had three cups of coffee while trying to remember the details of that dream, and I've come to the conclusion that either my subconscious is playing with me, or my muse is one sick bitch. All I can remember out of it is the intense emotional aspect, but it's all garbled. I can't recall a single thing the heroine was saying. *sniffle*

No matter - it's demon day. The lovely Cassandra Curtis and I did a little brainstorming on Skype last night, so there are a couple of new ideas floating around that could possibly boost the story to the next level. I'm still trying to weave everything together, but definitely it's a good place to start.

That said, I better get started. It's already 11:30. I have no idea what the family plans are for today, but I think at least one kidlet plans to pay Grams a visit. Will have to call around and find out.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. You know, when I was a kid (I started writing when I was seven), I had this dream one seemed like I wrote an entire novel in the dream, and the final paragraph of the work recited in my head verbatim in the dream. I woke up and recalled the final paragraph still almost verbatim. And I remembered vaguely the plot/idea behind the novel, and it stayed with me somehow. It seemed really weird to still remember that final paragraph and feel all the intensity and connection of having written and finished that novel as I had felt in the dream without actually having created and written it. It also seemed oddly frustrating in a way (even though I was a child—I did have aspirations to write a novel even then :))! It had felt like I had completed this profound project...and then, like you, I woke up.

    Anyway. :) What you said just reminded me of that. Perhaps if the story does want to come out through you, it will reappear in some form. Maybe it just wasn't quite ready yet.

    All best to you.

  2. How interesting!

    Thinking back, I wrote plays for my dolls and plushies when I was little. Hehe!

    I do wish I could remember that dream. Ah well, like you said, maybe it'll come to me later.



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