Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Evidence of Alien Abduction (and my book pitch, too)

lolturtle - brb alien invashun
Don't go into the light!

The hair gods are smiling on me! I managed to secure a 9AM appointment with a stylist in Ruston tomorrow morning. Heh. Yes, I know, I know. I'm the queen of "last minute". I don't know why I do it to myself, it just is. :P This is the look I'm going for, only perhaps not so blonde. I had them schedule additional time for cut and color. I may go with blonde highlights. I'm not sure. I also thought about all over color. Maybe ginger. I can't quite decide.

Things are slowly coming together. I stayed up until 2 AM last night (this morning?) and finished my pitch. I've got it down to one page, and I can read through it without stumbling. I wrote it phonetically, so it's easier to read aloud. I can't remember if I did that last time. I don't think so. If I remember right, I think I actually fumbled my reading the first time around.

I also wrote down my 1 sentence elevator pitch, so if someone asks me what my book is about, I can spit it out without blathering.There is actually fill in the blanks example of a one sentence pitch here: It's worth a look!

I took the formula at that link and wrote my quickie pitch on a notecard. I've been practicing it on and off throughout the day.

See, I told you!

Tomorrow, after I'm back from the stylist, I'll be putting my outfits together and getting all the last minute necessities together. Stuff like tea bags and coffee creamer. :0) I'm one of those weird folks that has to bring their own coffee goodies to the hotel room.

I also have to call my mom and make sure she's got everything she needs for Friday. If there's anything she needs from the store I'll pick that up and take it over. Busy, busy day tomorrow!

That said, I better get the kitchen cleaned up and put the Minibeast in the bath. Gonna be a long night of lessons...and laundry. The cycle never ends. ;0)

funny pictures of cats with captions
Run, kitteh! Mothership haz tractor beams!


  1. This all sounds equally terrifying and exciting! I have my fingers crossed for you! Come back with pictures. :)

  2. Thanks, Isabelle! I'll be taking a ton of pics while there! :D


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