Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doggy Sitting - Day 3

It's another day of isolated healing for Diva dog. I know the poor thing is bored and wants to go back with the other doggies, but the vet said 10 days. Diva and Sassie like to roughhouse - it's just too risky.

At any rate, Ms. Diva isn't alone. I'm still hanging out with her in the master bedroom. She has her water and food dishes, her doggy bed, and chewy toy. I have my laptop and an massive horror movie collection.

So far we've watched Resident Evil, Planet Terror, The Breed, House of Wax, Paranormal Activity, Night of the Demons, 28 Days Later...oh, and the latest Star Trek. And to think, we started out this little marathon with The Last Unicorn. I almost forgot about that one.

I have a stack of movies at the end of the bed to get us through the day, too. It's quiet at this end of the house, and Diva seems more at peace with a little noise going on.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not totally slacking around. I wrote close to 3k words yesterday, and I wrote another 1k before 10 AM. If I have to be couped up, I might as well get some writing done.

This is one of the stories I promised at the start of the year. It's mostly plotted out, and I have a three act structure going on. I played the "what if?" game with it here and there, and I have most of the story questions answered. Anyway, if I hope to have this one finished by the first week of April. Or thereabouts. My point is not to spend more than 3 weeks writing and prepping this one for the send off. Wish me luck!

That's about all I've got for today. For the most part, it's been a quiet, lazy, SNOWY weekend. Snow in March. In Louisiana. Again! *_*

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  1. It's snowing today? Really?

    I knew I shouldn't have put my winter coats away. Shoot.

    I hope you and your family are doing well!


  2. Hi Jenji! How have you been? :D

    I put my winter jacket a few weeks ago, but had to drag it out for walking the diva yesterday.

    Lesson learned: winter hat+ fuzzy jacket + flip flops does not = warm

    Who would've guessed, right? ^_^

  3. Good-gravy, snow in Louisiana in March? I think I may see the four horsemen on the way, cause that has gotta be one of the signs, right? Yikes!

    Well, give poochy poo a snuggle for me and tell her Auntie CC with send liver snaps or some other such treat in the next care package. :)


  4. Hehe. Diva dog's ready to jump the gate, snowy apocalypse or not. I'll give her extra snuggles for you. :D


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