Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Demise of Jellybear

Life has hit temporary insanity mode. For those that don't know me very well, unless the heat is on, I tend to coast through life, just sail along without a care in the world until I see I'm about to hit the rocks.

Usually, it's around that time (thereabouts, anyway) that I realize I'm really effing close to those to losing my ass. And always, once disaster is averted (or the damage is fixed, heh) I go back to sailing.

I had to recap my schedule to a couple of people the other day, and I didn't realize up until that point I'm pretty close to the rocks. I've been so busy just sailing around doing this and that I never even noticed. Now I've got probably two months worth of work hitting me in the span of two weeks. How's that for organizational skills?

That said, last night I managed to get my course work caught up. And I ate Mini's marshmallow jelly bear. In my own defense, that damn jelly bear has been in the pantry for two weeks. Wrapped, nonetheless, but merrily jeering at me with that chocolate smile. Look at him. Tell me he wasn't totally asking for it?

Mini has always been kinda weird about eating things with faces. Even cute shapes like car shaped brownies. Once upon a time I bought him a huge rice crispy treat shaped like an ice cream cone with frosting and sprinkles. He wouldn't eat it. Same thing with the race car shaped brownies I bought. His take on it: "But I don't want to hurt the cars!" *_*

Well, I had no trouble eating them, bet your boots on that. In the case of cute vs. chocolate, chocolate always wins.

So last night jellybear caught me in a vulnerable state of needing wine and a good cry. He made the mistake of jeering at me from the pantry. And so he is no more. The shame of it all. After I ate him, I used his little plastic stick to stir my cup of hot, peppermint tea. One day I shall have to answer for this, I'm sure. Until then, RIP jellybear. You were yummy.

I have no idea why my stat counter is effed up. Bah. I can't fix it right now, so I'll have to look at that ugly blank space and wonder where all my lovely visitors come from...unless said lovely visitors would just drop in and say where they're from - even if just to tell me what country they're in. Because I obsess over that. Okay, not really. But I do wonder and think it's really cool when I see a country that I have no idea where the heck that is, or that it even existed.

Anyhow, I've got a mountain of laundry to take care of, bills to manage, and there's all the writing stuff staring me in the face. So much to do today. I better get on with it.

I hope you all have a jazzy Wednesday. *salute*

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