Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cut the Crap

Whew! Taking a break from the writing cave to blog. Early this morning (1 AM or so), I sent out two new shorty-short submissions, and I'm preparing another quickie to send out tonight.

I'm about two chapters into one of my promised stories as well. I like the beginning, but I'm going to have to sit down with it tonight and really brain storm to get the rest of it in place. For now, there are just too many ways the story can go. I need to sit down and figure out the main story arc, the overall theme, the character arcs, and what the heck this subplot is really about. Lots to do.

Anyway, that will be my big weekend project: to get this story rolling. Really rolling. I promised to have this big bad daddy in to my publisher by early April so I can't afford to let the muse be an errant bitch for very long. Spring fever or not, she's gonna have to find her way back to the cubicle and get to work.

On another note entirely, I dusted the bedroom yesterday and paired down my book shelves. I'm going to buy either a Nook or Kindle this summer, and in preparation, I'm cleaning out my shelves. I have three main book groups: Keepers, books I fear will go out of print and I'll wish I hadn't ditched, and those I held onto for whatever reason I can't quite figure out.

So. I pulled books down, dusted, folded clothes, wiped down shelves and knick knacks and even wiped the dust off the BACK of our TV. Diva dog, who is corralled in the master bedroom until fully healed (Monday), probably thought I'd slipped a gasket. At any rate, during all this cleaning, I found the installation disks to Silver laptop. Hm... I'm thinking there's a reboot in my immediate future. I'd love to get it tip top again and keep it as a backup comp. *evil hand wringing*

Today, I learned that there will be a pre-K graduation ceremony. Oy, vey. I hadn't anticipated this, although I'll admit the thought did enter my mind. Is there, isn't there? That sort of thing. Well, apparently there is. And Mini is expected to memorize a quote to say during graduation. I can tell already this is going to be interesting.

Oldest came home today with his graduation box. He'd already opened it and put on his senior key. It's gorgeous! I tried to take a picture of it, but my cell phone is never charged. Usually someone else will see my phone charging and take it off - not even check it - and plug theirs in. The one time that I did manage to leave my phone charging for more than 15 minutes, I soon discovered hubby has allowed his dog to eat the cord or something so it won't work anyway. In other words *head smack* to the guys. Annoying mess.

Oh, wait! I managed to get a close up with my digicam...

Wah! My boy is growing up. :*) Prom is April 2nd, so there's a tux rental in our immediate future. Then graduation, which is May 11th, I think.

That's it for now. I hear the Mini's wicked laughter, and Hubster going on about something, so I better go see what's up. I hope you all have a lovely Thursday. Onward to the weekend!

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