Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crap, it's almost 1pm!

Arg. I just realized what time it is. I have to go pick up Minibeast in a few minutes. Hubby went back to work today, so I'm back to driving Lil Bear around. He was a bit weepy not to be riding with his daddy, but he did okay when I finally got him in the Jeep. Especially when I realized the seat belt in the back will no longer snap. I had to move his car seat up front and push the seat way back. Huh. I gotta get the man to take a look at it when he gets home. That makes both my back seat belts no-clicky.

I do have goood news. I signed the contracts on my down-and-dirty car wash story this morning. Woot! Until I have more news...

I made my way through day three of the Revision Crash Course. I figured out that my subplot is rusty, so I'm glad I haven't cut into my book yet. Instead, I'm going through and writing out the secondary plotline by itself, and when it's finished, I shall shuffle the deck! If that doesn't fix it. I will write out the hero and heroine's the same damn way. I'm telling you, I'm leaving no stone unturned. It may kill me, but I'm going to get this book right. All that aside, I have learned tremendous things. Lots of good book diagnosis things. So, for all the headache it has caused me, I've learned a lot.

I guess I better shut down for now and go pick up the kidlet. First things first...must take the tricycle out of my trunk. I could hear it rolling around back there while driving Mini to school this morning. *clunk, clunk*

Hope you all have a happy hump day!

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