Monday, March 01, 2010

Counting the Days

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...and there were rainbows...

The Written in the Stars Conference is Friday, and there's so much left to do. I'm still working on my pitch, and sometime tomorrow - come rain or shine! - I'm gonna get my nails done. Full acrylic set / French manicure. I wish I didn't have to, but it's been a while since my nails looked this ragged. Yikes!

I've already put the bills in the mail for the week, and Thursday is shopping day. I told hubby we need to have all the groceries picked up. Everything household, pretty much. I don't want to come back Sunday, and then have to go right back to town and buy groceries. I've had to do that before, and I'm usually pretty exhausted when I get home.

Today hubby took care of Oldest's senior page in the yearbook. I sent him up there with three pictures, and the form. We just did get in under the deadline. I don't know why I was thinking we had until March 31st. Oops! Nevertheless, that's one more thing taken care of. Once we get through one more tux rental for senior prom, that should be the last of the expenses. Hopefully. I've spent at least 2k on Oldest's senior year thus far - cap and gowns, prom, senior photos, ring, senior key, diploma covers, tux rentals. Who knew there was so much craziness?

Oh! While browsing the net today, I found two new book reviews for Moonlight and Shadows.

I received 4.5 Tombstones from Storm at Bitten By Books. Storm writes: “Moonlight and Shadows” is full of intrigue and passion that sweeps the reader away. It is a world where strength and nature’s rhythms work in concert for the protection of the whole and love is found in the most unlikely of places. My only complaint about this book was that it was too short! The characters and setting were fascinating, the writing absolutely superb and the passion sweeping.

And the other review I found for Moonlight and Shadows ... 4.5 Hearts from Maura Frankman at The Romance Studio. Maura writes: This story is everything an erotic romance should be. The main characters are sexy and charismatic, and Sylvie and Erik's Romeo and Juliet situation adds drama and tension to the relationship. There is nothing like two werewolf packs on the brink of war to add spice to a love story. The plot is exciting and filled with unexpected twists and turns. The erotically charged love scenes are as exciting as they are scorchingly hot. Ms. Zane's werewolf stories are always impossible to put down, but she has really outdone herself with this one.

Yay! Those totally made my (rainy) day. :*)

I better call it a night. I had no idea it's after 10pm. It's dizzying, all the stuff going on around me. There aren't enough hours in the day to cover it all! Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. GREAT REVIEWS honey! :)

    And you're going to kick butt at that NOLA conference. Don't be nervous. Your writing is amazing.


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