Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Wheel, Secondary Plots, and Anxiety Dreams

I'm so effing tired today, it's unreal. I stayed up until after 1AM working on theme and twists and secondary plots until I couldn't take in any more. I slept hard, but I had so many nightmares it wasn't restful at all.

The dream seemed to drag on without end. Very intense and vivid too. I was in my grandmother's old house and there was a serial killer living in the woods nearby. I had this nagging fear he was also using the green house out there, but no way was I gonna go out there and check.

He'd come out at night and cut people apart bit by bit with razor blades, even going so far as to remove the teeth. Horrific stuff, and make no doubt. I'm trying to find a place to hide in the house, which isn't all that large - the house is/was a two bedroom colonial. Every time I'd think I'd found a cubby hole to hide out until dawn, I'd find a hole in the wall where anyone could see me. Or I'd try to fit in a space, and realize while I could fit there as a child, I can't now as an adult, so I'd have to race around, desperately trying to find a hiding space.

At one point, it's super dark, and I hear the killer in the house, so I slip behind one of my grandmother's heavy wooden chairs. I don't exactly fit, but if someone were to do a quick glance in the room, I feel like they may not see me. I'm all the sudden paranoid if I'm wearing something white - which would look bright enough to notice in the shadows. Stuff like that.

When the house returns to silence, I come out from behind the chair and encounter...legs. I reach out toward the shadows and touch a solid chest. The guy laughs. He knew I was there all along, so he came into the room and sat in the chair I was attempting to hide behind.

I woke up in a panic. Understandably, right? So no good rest. Now I'm yawning like mad, when I've got to finish this story prep and go in for round three of the SA workshop. *sob*

So, I've got to pick up Mini in an hour and a half, and hubby is going to go pick up Oldest from school. He's got to take him to King of Hearts to rent his tux. I figure Hubby might want to do this one - it's Oldest's last prom. I did the first one, so share the memories and all that.

Anyway, that's all for now. Better do some work while the getting's good. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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