Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crap, it's almost 1pm!

Arg. I just realized what time it is. I have to go pick up Minibeast in a few minutes. Hubby went back to work today, so I'm back to driving Lil Bear around. He was a bit weepy not to be riding with his daddy, but he did okay when I finally got him in the Jeep. Especially when I realized the seat belt in the back will no longer snap. I had to move his car seat up front and push the seat way back. Huh. I gotta get the man to take a look at it when he gets home. That makes both my back seat belts no-clicky.

I do have goood news. I signed the contracts on my down-and-dirty car wash story this morning. Woot! Until I have more news...

I made my way through day three of the Revision Crash Course. I figured out that my subplot is rusty, so I'm glad I haven't cut into my book yet. Instead, I'm going through and writing out the secondary plotline by itself, and when it's finished, I shall shuffle the deck! If that doesn't fix it. I will write out the hero and heroine's the same damn way. I'm telling you, I'm leaving no stone unturned. It may kill me, but I'm going to get this book right. All that aside, I have learned tremendous things. Lots of good book diagnosis things. So, for all the headache it has caused me, I've learned a lot.

I guess I better shut down for now and go pick up the kidlet. First things first...must take the tricycle out of my trunk. I could hear it rolling around back there while driving Mini to school this morning. *clunk, clunk*

Hope you all have a happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Color Wheel, Secondary Plots, and Anxiety Dreams

I'm so effing tired today, it's unreal. I stayed up until after 1AM working on theme and twists and secondary plots until I couldn't take in any more. I slept hard, but I had so many nightmares it wasn't restful at all.

The dream seemed to drag on without end. Very intense and vivid too. I was in my grandmother's old house and there was a serial killer living in the woods nearby. I had this nagging fear he was also using the green house out there, but no way was I gonna go out there and check.

He'd come out at night and cut people apart bit by bit with razor blades, even going so far as to remove the teeth. Horrific stuff, and make no doubt. I'm trying to find a place to hide in the house, which isn't all that large - the house is/was a two bedroom colonial. Every time I'd think I'd found a cubby hole to hide out until dawn, I'd find a hole in the wall where anyone could see me. Or I'd try to fit in a space, and realize while I could fit there as a child, I can't now as an adult, so I'd have to race around, desperately trying to find a hiding space.

At one point, it's super dark, and I hear the killer in the house, so I slip behind one of my grandmother's heavy wooden chairs. I don't exactly fit, but if someone were to do a quick glance in the room, I feel like they may not see me. I'm all the sudden paranoid if I'm wearing something white - which would look bright enough to notice in the shadows. Stuff like that.

When the house returns to silence, I come out from behind the chair and encounter...legs. I reach out toward the shadows and touch a solid chest. The guy laughs. He knew I was there all along, so he came into the room and sat in the chair I was attempting to hide behind.

I woke up in a panic. Understandably, right? So no good rest. Now I'm yawning like mad, when I've got to finish this story prep and go in for round three of the SA workshop. *sob*

So, I've got to pick up Mini in an hour and a half, and hubby is going to go pick up Oldest from school. He's got to take him to King of Hearts to rent his tux. I figure Hubby might want to do this one - it's Oldest's last prom. I did the first one, so share the memories and all that.

Anyway, that's all for now. Better do some work while the getting's good. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Crash Course in OMG

Cute Baby Animal - Spring Is In The Air

I'm currently fighting with story theme (possibly story twist), and I think it may end up a battle to the death. I do not care if I have to completely reprogram my BRAIN to think in terms of writing, I'm going to learn the technical aspects of this if it kills me.

I vow that 2010 is the year that I sharpen my writing tools above what I already know. I want to take everything that I do subconsciously, and learn the technical side of it. Mainly so I'll stop annoying the crap out of myself with all this doubt. Okay, so there will always be doubt, we all doubt ourselves at times, but if I can learn the technique - that's the thing I won't question. I don't doubt my ability to change diapers. I don't doubt my ability to wash dishes. Or to put new ink cartridges in my printer. I know how to do these things. I want to have that kind of connection with theme and twist, subplots, and middles. 2010 is going to be my strength training marathon. Come hell or high water, I am going to master these things and this knee-jerk fear that I have when someone mentions them.

There! Now, that's out of the way, I shall move along...

I'm currently in the process of cleaning out my bookshelves. All the books I know I won't read again, I'm donating to the freebie table at the local library. So far I have two boxes to haul in, and I've already given away two boxes. That is just one shelf - there are two more to pick apart. I need some more boxes before I can go any further with that. :/

I'm also trying to rearrange my office so I can fit a table in here. I have stuff strewn everywhere in this room. Back when I swapped rooms with Minibeast, my goal was to make his room livable, so I just crammed everything where I could fit it in my new writing cave - which has greatly reduced square footage. You can barely walk in here, so I'm making that a goal to have in place by the summer: have my office the way I want it. First order of business, I have to buy storage boxes. No way around it, some of this stuff is going to have to be sent to the shed.

The downside to the office rearrangement, this cheap desk I've been using isn't going to survive another move. It fell apart on us when we moved it back here, and we pretty much used screws to hold it together. So, whatever I do, I can't move this desk until the very end. Once it gets to that point, I'll likely have to buy another desk.

Whew! At any rate, things are a-changing. I feel it, even if I'm not sure what it means. I do have a very strong urge to strip down the house and completely redecorate. Who knows, maybe it's just Spring fever.

Mom asked if we were going ahead with Easter dinner this Sunday. I think so. I can't say for sure because prom is coming up. I have to take Oldest to Ruston this week to get fitted for a tux. Mini's school is doing an egg hunt, so that's another thing I have to prepare for. I have a basket he can take. I still need to find out what day I need to bring eggs to the school. We're supposed to boil them at home, and the kids get to dye them as a class project. It should be fun for them. :0)

That's all for now. I need to get back to work on my class stuff. One thing about it, no one will be able to say I haven't put my very best effort into shaping up this book. ^_^

Hope you have a pleasant Monday!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Request Denied

funny pictures of cats with captions
Oh, noes! They gave me teh paw. :*(

So I had this really good idea for a love scene. One where the hero and heroine realize they are absolutely over the moon about each other. It was sexy, emotional and just perfect for the cause... And then I woke up.

Yes, seriously. I woke up.

I've had three cups of coffee while trying to remember the details of that dream, and I've come to the conclusion that either my subconscious is playing with me, or my muse is one sick bitch. All I can remember out of it is the intense emotional aspect, but it's all garbled. I can't recall a single thing the heroine was saying. *sniffle*

No matter - it's demon day. The lovely Cassandra Curtis and I did a little brainstorming on Skype last night, so there are a couple of new ideas floating around that could possibly boost the story to the next level. I'm still trying to weave everything together, but definitely it's a good place to start.

That said, I better get started. It's already 11:30. I have no idea what the family plans are for today, but I think at least one kidlet plans to pay Grams a visit. Will have to call around and find out.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing, Nothing

funny pictures of cats with captions
Laws of Universe mark "idiot roommate" book a future NYT bestseller!

I finished a new super smut story this morning, and I'm prepping it to send off this afternoon. I've been working on it all morning, prepping and tweaking. For now I've got it set aside, and after lunch I'll do a final read through before sending it out the door.

Once that's done, it's back to the demon story. An afternoon of brainstorming is in order. I'll probably pop New Moon into the DVD player and sit with the Diva while working on this.

The demon story is going to be my weekend project. Come Monday I'll have a new lesson to download, and there's a revision workshop starting over at It's pretty imperative that I get as much stuff wrapped up as I can.

Oh! I saw on twitter this morning that My Bookstore & More is back up and running. I love their new look. This is one of my favorite places to buy ebooks. Sadly, none of my titles are available there. I'm going to have to work on that!

That's all I've got for now. Lots of stuff to do before the weekend gets here, so I better get on it. I hope you all have a snazzy Friday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cut the Crap

Whew! Taking a break from the writing cave to blog. Early this morning (1 AM or so), I sent out two new shorty-short submissions, and I'm preparing another quickie to send out tonight.

I'm about two chapters into one of my promised stories as well. I like the beginning, but I'm going to have to sit down with it tonight and really brain storm to get the rest of it in place. For now, there are just too many ways the story can go. I need to sit down and figure out the main story arc, the overall theme, the character arcs, and what the heck this subplot is really about. Lots to do.

Anyway, that will be my big weekend project: to get this story rolling. Really rolling. I promised to have this big bad daddy in to my publisher by early April so I can't afford to let the muse be an errant bitch for very long. Spring fever or not, she's gonna have to find her way back to the cubicle and get to work.

On another note entirely, I dusted the bedroom yesterday and paired down my book shelves. I'm going to buy either a Nook or Kindle this summer, and in preparation, I'm cleaning out my shelves. I have three main book groups: Keepers, books I fear will go out of print and I'll wish I hadn't ditched, and those I held onto for whatever reason I can't quite figure out.

So. I pulled books down, dusted, folded clothes, wiped down shelves and knick knacks and even wiped the dust off the BACK of our TV. Diva dog, who is corralled in the master bedroom until fully healed (Monday), probably thought I'd slipped a gasket. At any rate, during all this cleaning, I found the installation disks to Silver laptop. Hm... I'm thinking there's a reboot in my immediate future. I'd love to get it tip top again and keep it as a backup comp. *evil hand wringing*

Today, I learned that there will be a pre-K graduation ceremony. Oy, vey. I hadn't anticipated this, although I'll admit the thought did enter my mind. Is there, isn't there? That sort of thing. Well, apparently there is. And Mini is expected to memorize a quote to say during graduation. I can tell already this is going to be interesting.

Oldest came home today with his graduation box. He'd already opened it and put on his senior key. It's gorgeous! I tried to take a picture of it, but my cell phone is never charged. Usually someone else will see my phone charging and take it off - not even check it - and plug theirs in. The one time that I did manage to leave my phone charging for more than 15 minutes, I soon discovered hubby has allowed his dog to eat the cord or something so it won't work anyway. In other words *head smack* to the guys. Annoying mess.

Oh, wait! I managed to get a close up with my digicam...

Wah! My boy is growing up. :*) Prom is April 2nd, so there's a tux rental in our immediate future. Then graduation, which is May 11th, I think.

That's it for now. I hear the Mini's wicked laughter, and Hubster going on about something, so I better go see what's up. I hope you all have a lovely Thursday. Onward to the weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Demise of Jellybear

Life has hit temporary insanity mode. For those that don't know me very well, unless the heat is on, I tend to coast through life, just sail along without a care in the world until I see I'm about to hit the rocks.

Usually, it's around that time (thereabouts, anyway) that I realize I'm really effing close to those to losing my ass. And always, once disaster is averted (or the damage is fixed, heh) I go back to sailing.

I had to recap my schedule to a couple of people the other day, and I didn't realize up until that point I'm pretty close to the rocks. I've been so busy just sailing around doing this and that I never even noticed. Now I've got probably two months worth of work hitting me in the span of two weeks. How's that for organizational skills?

That said, last night I managed to get my course work caught up. And I ate Mini's marshmallow jelly bear. In my own defense, that damn jelly bear has been in the pantry for two weeks. Wrapped, nonetheless, but merrily jeering at me with that chocolate smile. Look at him. Tell me he wasn't totally asking for it?

Mini has always been kinda weird about eating things with faces. Even cute shapes like car shaped brownies. Once upon a time I bought him a huge rice crispy treat shaped like an ice cream cone with frosting and sprinkles. He wouldn't eat it. Same thing with the race car shaped brownies I bought. His take on it: "But I don't want to hurt the cars!" *_*

Well, I had no trouble eating them, bet your boots on that. In the case of cute vs. chocolate, chocolate always wins.

So last night jellybear caught me in a vulnerable state of needing wine and a good cry. He made the mistake of jeering at me from the pantry. And so he is no more. The shame of it all. After I ate him, I used his little plastic stick to stir my cup of hot, peppermint tea. One day I shall have to answer for this, I'm sure. Until then, RIP jellybear. You were yummy.

I have no idea why my stat counter is effed up. Bah. I can't fix it right now, so I'll have to look at that ugly blank space and wonder where all my lovely visitors come from...unless said lovely visitors would just drop in and say where they're from - even if just to tell me what country they're in. Because I obsess over that. Okay, not really. But I do wonder and think it's really cool when I see a country that I have no idea where the heck that is, or that it even existed.

Anyhow, I've got a mountain of laundry to take care of, bills to manage, and there's all the writing stuff staring me in the face. So much to do today. I better get on with it.

I hope you all have a jazzy Wednesday. *salute*

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doggy Sitting - Day 3

It's another day of isolated healing for Diva dog. I know the poor thing is bored and wants to go back with the other doggies, but the vet said 10 days. Diva and Sassie like to roughhouse - it's just too risky.

At any rate, Ms. Diva isn't alone. I'm still hanging out with her in the master bedroom. She has her water and food dishes, her doggy bed, and chewy toy. I have my laptop and an massive horror movie collection.

So far we've watched Resident Evil, Planet Terror, The Breed, House of Wax, Paranormal Activity, Night of the Demons, 28 Days Later...oh, and the latest Star Trek. And to think, we started out this little marathon with The Last Unicorn. I almost forgot about that one.

I have a stack of movies at the end of the bed to get us through the day, too. It's quiet at this end of the house, and Diva seems more at peace with a little noise going on.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not totally slacking around. I wrote close to 3k words yesterday, and I wrote another 1k before 10 AM. If I have to be couped up, I might as well get some writing done.

This is one of the stories I promised at the start of the year. It's mostly plotted out, and I have a three act structure going on. I played the "what if?" game with it here and there, and I have most of the story questions answered. Anyway, if I hope to have this one finished by the first week of April. Or thereabouts. My point is not to spend more than 3 weeks writing and prepping this one for the send off. Wish me luck!

That's about all I've got for today. For the most part, it's been a quiet, lazy, SNOWY weekend. Snow in March. In Louisiana. Again! *_*

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doggy-sitting the Diva

With Diva Dog isolated in our bedroom to heal from her surgery, I've managed to finish up the vamp shorty and send it, read a couple of books, write a few words, and catch up on all the movies I've bought over the last six months but left in the cellophane on our hall shelf. Now if I could just get caught up on the revision lessons.

Diva seems to be doing well. She comes over to the bed and hoo-hoos at me every now and again, but I worry too much about letting her lounge around up here with me.

She's so dainty, if she started squirreling around and fell off the bed, she could break a bone or tear her wound. Poor girl. She has no choice but to snooze on her doggy bed. I sit on the floor several times a day and let her walk all over me, so it's not like she's losing out on any attention. I guess in doggy terms it's just not the same.

I managed to get 1200 words written today - a complete scene. I'm going to try for one more tonight before hitting the sack. Hubster usually comes in and takes over babysitting the diva around 8 pm or so, and I take all my computer stuff back to my office to work. It gives me a break, and I can get some house work done as I'm passing through.

So that's pretty much the state of things: doggy-sitting and writing. Really, I don't mind. That's it for now. I hope you're having a jazzy Saturday!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

(Writing) Mysteries of the Deep

funny pictures of cats with captions

Diva dog is back home from the big snip. There's a teeny weeny L incision on her tummy which the vet glued shut. Oh mama, she was sooo happy to be home. Once she was in the house, we had to take turns holding her and sitting with her on the floor to keep her from jumping around and wiggling too much.

We've isolated her in the master bedroom by baby-gate, and put her food and water dishes in here. She's on her doggy bed with a towel so she can scratch it around and bundle it up the way she likes. I moved my laptop in her so I can keep her company, too. I'm catching up on movie watching while I work. Basically, playing vids for noise. I've pretty much got to be a the theater for a movie to keep my attention these days. Right now I've got Paranormal Activity going.

I finished my editing vampire story last night. W00t! I'm about to do the final read through before shipping it off to my critique partner. The word count basically doubled on me while editing, but I'm still well within the allowed limit.

Oh! Last night I hung around for #askagent on Twitter. Tweets were flying by so fast, I could barely keep up. I asked a general question last night, and I kinda sorta got the answer I was looking for. It's not 100%, but I'm going to share what I have so hang on to your hat.

I can't count the number of times I've been asked over the past few years, but at the Shreveport conference a couple of weeks ago, I was asked 3 times, by 3 different people.

Before and after the editor and agent pitch sessions, I was asked if we pitch to an editor, submit our work, and they offer us a contract - what do you do if you don't have an agent?

My answer: Hm... I'm not really sure.

Great answer, right? Yeah, I did't think so.

Some people pitch to editors first, and I know two authors off hand who got book deals before they signed with an agent. I don't know them well enough to ask for intimate details, however. The point is, I know it does happen. Still, I don't know exactly how to proceed after an offer like that.

Now, I'm sure no one would actually tell an editor "no", or "you'll have to wait for my answer" if they are unagented and offered a contract. That kind of defeats the purpose of submitting, right? I assume you'd tell the editor, "Yes, I'm going to sign with you, but first I need to find an agent because I have no idea what I'm looking at when faced with the contract." You then proceed to query agents, mentioning your book deal and hoping one will take you on. Ideally, I would HOPE that the editor may even

Again, that is my assumption. And you know the saying about assumptions...

What I've learned (so far):

Trying to get to the bottom of this mystery (so I can fill in the blanks should anyone ask me again - and I'm 100% sure the question will crop up again)I did an #askagent, and this was my question : How should an author approach an agent if they have a book deal on the table?

My response came from Colleen Lindsay, who replied:

@corazane Make sure its a deal worth our time. Ebook deals, a lot of small presses, low $$$ - we probably won't be interested. #askagent

Good info to know on the small press deal. Still not sure on the "how to proceed" issue, but this is good for starters. It brings me back to the above theory as the most sound answer. If you do have an editor that says "yes" just tell them you'll need help negotiating the contract, and start querying.

Of course, anyone who does have the actual answer to this question, feel free to leave a comment. Inquiring minds want to know.

That's all for now. I've got to get this story out to my CP today. Enjoy your weekend, folks. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

funny pictures of cats with captions
But was he magically delicious?

It's St. Patty's Day! If you aren't wearing green right now, consider yourself officially pinched! *pinch, pinch* (And if you're in Louisiana, consider yourself officially peenched.) ^_^

Congrats to Giada, who won my Wicked Temptation contest over at Lana Griffin's blog. Your .pdf copy has been sent, so be on the look out for sexy hot vamps hanging around in your inbox.

Speaking of contests, we're celebrating our Celtic roots over at the MMC. Cass has hosted an "Irish Hotties" game that is going on right now over at the Midnight Moon Cafe blog. It's really fun and simple. Three prizes will be rewarded to winners drawn at random from those who participate, so drop by if you get a chance.

Yesterday was crazy busy for me, and it seems like today isn't going to be much different. I'm half way through polishing my vampire story for submission, and I'm shuffling along in lesson 11 on the revision course.

To top this off, I got a visit from the idea fairy this morning. Whee! I did a fifteen minutes of fame so I wouldn't forget the premise, and walked away with a little over 1k words. Totally liberating! I can't post too much on the story itself right now, but I do believe this is the one I'll focus on for my next big project.

The vampire piece is coming along slowly but surely. I thought I'd have it finished by now, but thanks to this stupid cough and feeling horrendously ill on and off throughout the day, I'm simply working at a slower pace. I wish that wasn't true, but there it is. :P Then again, I'd rather take my time cleaning it up so I only have to do it once. There are roughly 5 pages left to go. You'd think I'd just blaze right through them, but ...ugh. I end up tweaking every page a dozen times before I'm satisfied. Ah, well, it will get there.

Tomorrow Diva Dog is off to the vet to get snipped. Poor girl has no idea it's coming. But we'll have a comfy cozy rest spot for her when we're back home. We're putting her in the master bedroom, and I'm going to move my comp back there to write while she's healing. Hubster is off right now buying a baby gate to put across the door to the hallway. This should be interesting.

That's it for now. Off to go work on the vamps some more. I hope you all have a stellar St. Patty's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Writers, Creators, Artists Unite

Humorous Pictures
Not all pirates are this cute.

It's our moment, people. If you are an author, writer, musician, dancer, painter, whatever...heads up!

I encourage all fellow artists to join in the fight against intellectual property theft. The Copyright Alliance is encouraging artists of ALL media types to email Victoria Espinel, the 1st U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, with their piracy stories, and suggestions to protect artists online. The emails must arrive by March 24th, 2010.

Ms. Espinel and her White House team are currently putting together a Joint Strategic Plan to address Congress, so this is your chance to make your voice heard. For complete participation details and email addresses, please visit, or simply view the details by going here: (Links to .pdf file at the Copyright Alliance site)

I have already written/sent my email. I hope more authors will take a few minutes out of their day to participate. So often we are overlooked when the government discusses media protection. Let's not give them a reason to forget about us!

On to other things, I'm on to lesson 11 (repeat) in the revision course, and I'm almost finished editing the vampire story. One more chapter to go and I'll be ready to send to my critique partner. Hopefully I'll have it in the bag today. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Weekend Plunder

It's date night! Official plans with the man include dinner, a movie, and a stop by Petco.

Heh. Actually we have to do the Petco thing first. Miss Fifi von Diva has an appointment at the vet next week. We're having her spayed, so we've got to pick up a roomy sized crate for her to nest in while she's recouping. We're going to take the wicker chair out of the master bedroom and put her in there so she can have some peace. Mini would likely drive her bonkers otherwise. (And probably me too.)

So, the first vampire short story on my "to write" list is on paper. Now to proof it. I'm roughly four pages in already, and should have it finished and ready to sub over the weekend. *thumbs up*

After that, on to story #2. I have a partial story sketch started for that one, a couple of character ideas (the character arcs, pretty much), but no title. It's going to take a bit more development before I start writing the draft for that one. I'd like to get in a week of brainstorming before laying down the outline.

Overall, I have three more stories to write (and submit) by mid-summer. During all this, I have to get my main WIP whipped into shape. I'm thinking I'm gonna need a LOT of caffeine and chocolate to get through this.

I'm still taking the revision courses, but it's taking me longer than expected to figure out some of the lessons. I got all the way to lesson 13, and decided I didn't do a thorough enough job on lesson 10. So I went back to 10, scrapped everything I had, and started over from there. I came away with a much cleaner, workable project piece. Very happy with that. On Monday, I'll start on lesson 11 (again), and this time I'll pay more attention to what I'm doing - because I only want to do one thorough revision of this damn book before it reaches an editor. Wish me luck!

Everything else aside, I'm enjoying a comfy weekend. I hope you are, too!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Vamp Fantastic

It's Friday! And I just finished the rough draft of my futuristic vampire short a few minutes ago. I still need a title for it. That's something I'll have to work on over the weekend. This story is a bit out there in terms of vampires, but it's sweet and sexy and romantic. I like it lots. I hope I can find a home for it.

Speaking vampires, I have a feature running over at Lana Griffin's blog. Drop by and leave a comment for a chance to win a free .pdf copy of Wicked Temptation.

I didn't know until a couple of days ago, but Friday marks spring break for the kids. I have nothing prepped for them. Oy. This afternoon I'm thinking a run to the grocery store is gonna be necessary. Maybe we should rent movies?

That's all for now. I need to get back to work. I hope your Friday is a pleasant one. Happy weekend! :0)

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Royal Blue

I've gotten the first two scenes of my new vampire shorty written. This one is kinda out there, so if it doesn't sell where I intend to send it, I'll put it on Smashwords. I can't tell anything about it without giving away the twist, but it's vampires of a completely non-traditional variety.

Speaking of vampires, I'm giving away a copy of Wicked Temptation over at Lana Griffin's blog. This is a new-ish blog, so if you post your most wicked temptation in the comments over there, you stand a good chance of coming away with the, I mean, ebook. :0) So go to:

Don't forget to tell me your wicked temptation by posting in the comments over at Lana's. The entire contest rules are posted. Easy peasy!

So I was going through my bookshelf and paring things down, gathering things to take to the giveaway box at the Jackson Parish Library, and I stumbled across my copy of Tilly Greene's Zandia and decided to read it again. After doing so, I want to write a book for Samhain, but I'm not sure what about. I'll have to think on that for a while, maybe do a bit of plotting.

In the meantime, it's back to a cocktail of writing and revisions. I don't anticipate the main WIP being anywhere near ready until August, so I've got to start writing on my other projects as well.

This weekend, the hubby and I plan to slip off to the theater to watch The Crazies. I've been looking forward to this one. I mean, I already know the story, I watched the original, but I'm curious to see the new take on things. After that, maybe a dinner date to Ponchatoulas is in order?

That's all I've got for now. Lots to do so I better get back to work. Oh, and don't forget to drop by Lana's! :0)

UPDATE: I just found a brand new interview with literary agent Laura Bradford over at the Southern Sizzle Romance Blog. Check it out!

you are royalblue

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Revision Cards

I sat down at the computer yesterday, took out a sheet of paper and turned it sideways. (so I couldn't write on the lines) I then created a TO DO list for my story. I jotted down all the scenes that I could think of that occur after scene 22 in my book. I have plot holes, so the goal was trying to fill in those missing scenes.

I've tried two other methods to do this, but each effort ended in a jumbled mess. And I still ended up with plot holes - the very thing I'm trying to fix.

So here we are. Third time's the charm. Doing it this way -writing it out of linear order on a sheet of paper, sort of like a brainstorming chart, I managed to get the scenes down.

Last night, I put the new scenes in order, and this morning I wrote them all out on neon note cards, hole punched them and put them in linear order on a single ring. There they are shown above. Flipped over, of course, so you don't have to look at my gawd-awful handwriting. There are now 55 cards on the ring.

After lunch (it's 12:30, and I haven't eaten yet), I'm going to work on my vampire plot outline for a bit, then I'll break out the neon note cards again. I'll read through the ring to see if I missed anything. If I find any plot holes, I'll make a new note card and and fill in the gap. I plan to have this part of the process finished today. This will give me the entire (necessary) set of revision cards, which is what I'll be using as a guide when I do my rewrites.

I'm currently writing a vampire short. Er, well, pre-writing it. I have a page of notes, and most of the scenes in place. I should be able to sit down and write this puppy over the weekend. *rubs hands together*

I have four stories to write. Two of them I have to finish before March 31st. That's when hubby goes back to work. The other two, I need to finish by the end of July. These, of course, are apart from the note card story. So plotting it is. Busy, busy...

There you have it. My goals for the week. I'm neck deep in this stuff, but I'll dig myself out. That's all I've got for now. I hope you're all having a happy hump day. :0)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Making a List

funny pictures of cats with captions

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. In those few days before heading out to Shreveport, all my normal schedule stuff got tossed out the window so I could work on my pitch. Now I'm back to revisions prep, and writing on the side. I have a lot to do before summer gets here: revisions to get through, classes to finish, and a novella to write, so of course I feel like procrastinating.

That won't get the stuff off my plate, though, so today I'm writing a "to-do" list for this book I'm working on, and listing all the scenes I can think of that I need to add in there to take it to the ending. I'll then shuffle them all, rinse and repeat, until I have all the plot holes filled and everything is put in chronological order. We'll see where that gets me.

For whatever reason, I keep fumbling the end of this book. I know what I want, but I can't seem to get from point A to point B with it. I'm having to go back to the last known "happy place" in my WIP and check all the scenes from there. I'm going to nail this bastard if it kills me.

On the topic of writerly things, I attended several awesome workshops at Written in the Stars. In Robyn DeHart's Bigger Than Botox workshop (how to handle revisions/rewrites) I finally, finally grasped the concept of theme - and how to find it in my own work! That said, the theme of my book is TRUST. (Yay-yay-yay! I feel like such a big girl, being able to say that!)

I'm going through to make sure everything fits my theme as well. I figure this way, I can at least see how far I have to go to make the book happen.

A busy day ahead of me, for sure, but the sooner I work out these issues, the sooner I can be through with it and move on. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

so a priest and an erotica writer were sitting in a bar...

I'm back home! The hubby and I got back home around noon today. I tell you, it feels like I've been gone a week, not a few days. There was that much going on at the conference. It was a wonderful experience.

I arrived a little early. Right out the gate, I dropped off my luggage, found Dennis and went through registration. Once I had my badge, I went to help with the book store/signing room set up. So many wonderful books and raffle baskets!

The people there were enthusiastic and inspiring. If a chance to stop and chat presented itself, I was there!

Chuck, a fellow NOLA Stars member, enlisted me to help him with the time keeping over for the pitch appointments for an hour or so, and I tell ya, he had the process down to an art by the time I got there. So, I played cheerleader instead. I sat with people waiting for their appointments and gave pep talks and/or chatted about anything and everything. It was fantastic!

Oh, I do have one reeeeally good conference story to tell! Oh, yesh. We should ALL have one of these, right? Hang on to your hats. Heh.

I was sitting with Ms. Janelle in the open area bar not long after the book store was set up. We were all getting ready for the welcoming presentation, and going over our schedules. A group of convention folk had pushed a couple of tables together, and after a few minutes, this man in a black suit waved me over. He said to pull up a chair, so I pulled my chair between him and Ms. Donna. He asked me about my books, and when I told him I wrote erotic paranormal romance, he said: "You mean, like Twilight?" I told him that I wrote about werewolves and vampires, but mine are definitely not like that. My work, in frank terms, are "delightfully filthy" with tons of romance.

We talked about that for a while, and he told me about his book idea he planned to pitch - which was a very interesting concept. Since I brought my book cards with me, I asked him if he'd care to see my covers. He was interested, so I fished them out of my bag, along with one of my contact cards. He read the back of the Moonlight and Shadows card, then commented to Ms. Donna about the scantily clad angel on the front of my contact card, and the devil heart on the back of it. He said the books looked and sounded interesting, and asked if he could keep the cards. I said, "Of course!" He told me he planned to buy them and check them out. Cool beans, right?

So we all went our separate ways, and I found a seat near Connie at the welcoming presentation. Once our chapter president got us through the basics, people got up to mingle while waiting for the agent panel to assemble.

I was sitting on the edge of the row I was on, and as I was digging in my book bag, Ms. Donna came by and touched my shoulder. She was laughing. "Oh, honey, I can't believe you said everything you did out there to a priest. I never could have done that!"


I swear my brain froze when she said that. She walked off to get some water and it all sank in. The man, the dark suit, my erotica books. I'd just pimped my erotica books to a priest! *forehead smack* Truly, a Cora Zane moment, and make no doubt. In my own defense, he wasn't wearing the white collar, so I had no idea.

He was such a delightful character, too. And I managed to talk to him several times over the course of the conference. He was a pleasure to meet, and someone I definitely won't forget.

Throughout the weekend, I managed to get in two pitches (both resulting in partial requests, YAY!), and I made it to four and a half workshops. What an awesome itinerary. There were usually three workshops going on at one time, and the ones I missed while volunteering, I managed to get the notes for.

When it was all did and done, I came away with new friends, closer friend connections with my NOLA chapter members, six pages of workshop notes, a 2009 Shooting Star award, and the Jennifer Blake/Barnes and Noble raffle basket. That's the basket shown in the picture above. It has a $40 gift card and (SQUEE!) an autographed copy of Jennifer Blake's Triumph in Arms. I can't wait to read it!

I had a fantastic time, and look forward to doing it all again in 2011!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hair cut, Nails done - Ready for conference!

What a great day!

First thing this morning, I gathered all the bills together, and slipped Mini into some school clothes. Hubby, bless him, drove us on the rounds. We dropped the Minibeast off at school, then made quick stops at the bank and post office before hurrying off to Ruston for my hair appointment.

The picture isn't the best, but that's the new cut. I love it. It's simple and fringy. The stylist put a light, baby brown base on it, plus blonde and copper highlights. So very glad I didn't chicken out at the last minute! After the big hair chop, we went to eat at the Cajun Cafe. I had the shrimp and fries platter. YUM. From that point on, it was a race to get back in time to pick up the little bear from pre-k.

Tonight I have to finish up the laundry and get our bags packed. I also need to take my camera and set it by my purse so I don't forget it. Lots of little things like that. I probably won't be on much over the next few days, but when I'm home again I'll have pictures and conference stuff to talk about - I promise! :0)

Be back soon!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Evidence of Alien Abduction (and my book pitch, too)

lolturtle - brb alien invashun
Don't go into the light!

The hair gods are smiling on me! I managed to secure a 9AM appointment with a stylist in Ruston tomorrow morning. Heh. Yes, I know, I know. I'm the queen of "last minute". I don't know why I do it to myself, it just is. :P This is the look I'm going for, only perhaps not so blonde. I had them schedule additional time for cut and color. I may go with blonde highlights. I'm not sure. I also thought about all over color. Maybe ginger. I can't quite decide.

Things are slowly coming together. I stayed up until 2 AM last night (this morning?) and finished my pitch. I've got it down to one page, and I can read through it without stumbling. I wrote it phonetically, so it's easier to read aloud. I can't remember if I did that last time. I don't think so. If I remember right, I think I actually fumbled my reading the first time around.

I also wrote down my 1 sentence elevator pitch, so if someone asks me what my book is about, I can spit it out without blathering.There is actually fill in the blanks example of a one sentence pitch here: It's worth a look!

I took the formula at that link and wrote my quickie pitch on a notecard. I've been practicing it on and off throughout the day.

See, I told you!

Tomorrow, after I'm back from the stylist, I'll be putting my outfits together and getting all the last minute necessities together. Stuff like tea bags and coffee creamer. :0) I'm one of those weird folks that has to bring their own coffee goodies to the hotel room.

I also have to call my mom and make sure she's got everything she needs for Friday. If there's anything she needs from the store I'll pick that up and take it over. Busy, busy day tomorrow!

That said, I better get the kitchen cleaned up and put the Minibeast in the bath. Gonna be a long night of lessons...and laundry. The cycle never ends. ;0)

funny pictures of cats with captions
Run, kitteh! Mothership haz tractor beams!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shocking Muppet Drunkeness

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
Dontchu want me, babay...

That picture kills me! It looks like Kermit's been out all night partying at the karaoke bar. He even brought a little party home for the kitteh. Come on, you all know one of those folks - they get their party on, then you have to drag them staggering into their house at 3 AM and they're still singing. LMAO!

I went today and got my nails done as planned. Full set/ French manicure. The woman totally filed away the skin on the side of my left thumb - OUCH! Even so, I'm happy with the set. Now if I can just get to the effing salon to get my hair chopped up...

I came up with a 2nd draft for my pitch. It's the heroine's part that I'm having so much trouble with. She's got so much going on - I'm going to have to focus on one point of it. I'm having trouble deciding which one. I may just have to write it both ways then pick the one that reads best.

Tomorrow I have a full day planned. Shopping for the house, setting out my outfits and shoes for conference, and if I can get someone to take me - get my hair done. If not, I may just have to rely on my flat iron. Yeah, I know. The first step is admitting you have a problem, blah, blah...

That's all I've got for now. I hope you're having a snazzy Tuesday!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Counting the Days

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
...and there were rainbows...

The Written in the Stars Conference is Friday, and there's so much left to do. I'm still working on my pitch, and sometime tomorrow - come rain or shine! - I'm gonna get my nails done. Full acrylic set / French manicure. I wish I didn't have to, but it's been a while since my nails looked this ragged. Yikes!

I've already put the bills in the mail for the week, and Thursday is shopping day. I told hubby we need to have all the groceries picked up. Everything household, pretty much. I don't want to come back Sunday, and then have to go right back to town and buy groceries. I've had to do that before, and I'm usually pretty exhausted when I get home.

Today hubby took care of Oldest's senior page in the yearbook. I sent him up there with three pictures, and the form. We just did get in under the deadline. I don't know why I was thinking we had until March 31st. Oops! Nevertheless, that's one more thing taken care of. Once we get through one more tux rental for senior prom, that should be the last of the expenses. Hopefully. I've spent at least 2k on Oldest's senior year thus far - cap and gowns, prom, senior photos, ring, senior key, diploma covers, tux rentals. Who knew there was so much craziness?

Oh! While browsing the net today, I found two new book reviews for Moonlight and Shadows.

I received 4.5 Tombstones from Storm at Bitten By Books. Storm writes: “Moonlight and Shadows” is full of intrigue and passion that sweeps the reader away. It is a world where strength and nature’s rhythms work in concert for the protection of the whole and love is found in the most unlikely of places. My only complaint about this book was that it was too short! The characters and setting were fascinating, the writing absolutely superb and the passion sweeping.

And the other review I found for Moonlight and Shadows ... 4.5 Hearts from Maura Frankman at The Romance Studio. Maura writes: This story is everything an erotic romance should be. The main characters are sexy and charismatic, and Sylvie and Erik's Romeo and Juliet situation adds drama and tension to the relationship. There is nothing like two werewolf packs on the brink of war to add spice to a love story. The plot is exciting and filled with unexpected twists and turns. The erotically charged love scenes are as exciting as they are scorchingly hot. Ms. Zane's werewolf stories are always impossible to put down, but she has really outdone herself with this one.

Yay! Those totally made my (rainy) day. :*)

I better call it a night. I had no idea it's after 10pm. It's dizzying, all the stuff going on around me. There aren't enough hours in the day to cover it all! Happy Monday, everyone!