Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Wonderful Dreary Day

funny pictures of dogs with captions
Yum. Tastes like model horses.

I can breathe! *does the slippery socks dance* Oh, man, I woke up this morning feeling like a bazillion bucks. I'm now able to inhale deeply without wheezing, coughing, or feeling like one side of my head is going to collapse. That is so full of effing win, I can hardly contain my jazziness.

And the throat tickle is much, much better. A few more days like this, and by the time I get to conference, I may not have a cough. Whee!

I'm moving along in my course work as well. I've managed to claw my way through the trenches to Lesson 12, so...yesterday I went to the library and picked up a copy of A Game of Thrones, by George R.R. Martin. I haven't read very far into it yet, only about 20 pages, so I'm not 100% sure what the book is about. It's roughly 700 pages so it should give me something to chew on for a couple of days. It's hard to get a quiet moment during the week, so I'll likely have to hit it on the weekend and do a locked down reading jag.

In the meantime, I'm polishing my pitch - round three. One way or the other, I plan to have the final for this bastard by Friday. One would think I'd have this thing in the bag by now, what with the time I've spent on this thing.

Yikes! I just realized it's after 1:30. I guess I better get back to work. The kidlets will be home before too long. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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