Sunday, February 21, 2010

Which Path Do They Take?

Funny Pictures - Cat I Will Come Down

I haven't been using many images from webshots lately. I love their stuff, but the talking ads are annoying the absolute shit out of me. Every time you reload the page, the ad replays. Since I try to link every photo on this blog to the place I found it, I wouldn't want to blast someone out of their seat with an unwanted Mucinex ad or some such thing. It bugs me, so I certainly don't want to do it to someone else. That being the case, until webshots takes that train wreck off their front page, I probably won't be using many of their photos from here on in. A shame, really, because I love looking at stuff. There's some serious talent on that website.

Anyhoo... story progress. I'm stuck at this one place in my story and until late in the day, I wasn't sure which way to go. This is one of those points in the book I always forget about until I start rereading. Why do I forget? Because it's boring. Absolutely forgettable. So basically, it's out. Gone. Red X'd. I've finally gotten to that point in the book and now must face what I knew would have to happen all along - I've got to figure out how I'm going to replace this scene.

The scene right before this one ends in a dramatic,"is the dinosaur going to eat the children?" kind of way. With that said, there are four ways I could write this next part, and I've been on the fence about it. I know how this story ends already, and I'm trying to basically play connect the dots in an interesting, satisfying, and believable way. I fully intend to honor all promises I make to my readers in this book, and nothing must feel forced.

I know for a fact one of these options doesn't work - it's boring storytelling. It's the option I started with. I'm listing it because I wrote it, and I did so because I've seen it used in I don't know how many romance novels. That alone sets up red flags, but I was NaNo'ing my way through this beast and took the easy out. That said, mark #1 off the list. I don't want to write it much less read it.

Now for the other options. I'm sure part of my muddled thinking is to blame on the zombification process I've been going through by taking Forte twice a day, but I digress. The different possibilities:

1. Hero and heroine play it safe. They cautiously pack up and move on.
2. They fight through, but only 1 manages to escape.
3. Locals appear and help Hero and Heroine overthrow villains.
4. Hero and heroine are SOL. They villains overtake them.

I could probably make this book 100% better by introducing a hoard of zombies to come in and devour all my errant characters. Of course, that wouldn't make sense. So, I'm going for the next best thing: I'm leaning toward #4. That's going to require a whole new arc to carry the section through, but I'll also gain character depth for my heroine and hero. It'll also give insight into a character that had up to this point been mostly a shadow figure. With this option, we get to see how the bad guys function in the field. And, I gotta say, after floundering with this bit for so long I'm kinda at this point...well, it's either they figure out how to dig themselves out of this mess or they deserve to die. Maybe even with zombies.

So there you have it. I love my hero and heroine, but they're about to learn I'm the dungeon master and I can be a bitch. In fact, I think I may need that on a T shirt for those moments when I forget and start to think my characters are in charge.

That's all I've got for the moment. If and when I get over this hump in the story, I'm gonna have a glass of wine and dance around the office. Carefully. Because I've got quite a mess going on in here. Happy weekend, everyone!

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