Monday, February 15, 2010

Office Wreck and Craftiness

Yesterday I finally tired of dragging my laptop from room to room to print things, so I shuffled all the junk to one side of my office and moved in the dining room desk. Weee!

My office is a complete wreck right now, overloaded with stuff that will have to be boxed and stored, but the main thing is that all my stuff is in one place.

I worked on revision note cards until about 1 am. I'm still on lesson 10, but I'm moving along with it, so it's to be expected that I have occasional panic attacks - possibly a symptom of staring at neon colored index cards for hours and hours. Anyway, I gave the cards a rest and tweaked my pitch a little more. I have to read it aloud dozens of times to get a feel for it, so when I'd finally reached that "zone", I printed up the current pitch and made a mad dash for the intertubes. I looked up Vlad epidsodes of 24, and set hulu playing, then pulled the bag of craft stuff hubby brought home from Hobby Lobby in my lap.

He picked up some keychain making things for me, so I tore open a pack of those and decided to make one. But what would the picture be. I really like Poochie stuff from the 80s, but it's kind of hard to find now - especially if you don't want to mortgage your house to have old store stock imported from Italy. So, I bought a graphics sheet and printed up a couple of discs with Poochie on them, to make the keychain in the picture above. Oh, and by the way, you do not see the mess on my desk. *waves oogly boogly magic wand* That stuff is all an illusion.

I'm happy with the keychain. The colors are too light in the picture, but the writing cave has poor lighting unless the curtains are open. Then the pictures come out too bright. Heh. At any rate, there it is.

Today, I'll be sorting through scenes again. Looking for things to cut and keep. Wah. That's it for now. I better get something accomplished while the guys are gone.

I hope you all have a snazzy Monday! :0)

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