Friday, February 19, 2010

Oatmeal and Stock Cars

Yesterday's trip to the doctor wasn't as painful an experience as I thought it was going to be. I've dropped a few pounds, and my thyroid function is right on target. My cholesterol and triglycerides are still too high, though, so my doctor broke out the whip to find out what I'm eating. I eat a lot of veggies already, but I eat a lot of junk things too. Her advice to me: cut out the junk and eat oatmeal. Oatmeal cookies, oat bread, straight up oatmeal. Yep. I can sooo see the benefit of cutting out yummy pizza and eating...oatmeal. :P

I told the hubster if I start braying it's from all the damn oats I have to eat, don't be shocked. He laughed and said he'd get a saddle. Heh.

After the doctor we went to Reynold's and had lunch. I ordered a crawfish poboy and a large green salad. Good stuff, and legit - albeit sans oats! We watched CNN coverage on the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Austin while we ate our meal, then afterward went about a few errands before returning home.

Hubby picked up Mini from school, and brought home a slip saying we've been given a week to pull together a Black History Month project. We wanted to choose something that Mini would take interest in, and that's pretty much anything with wheels on it. So, we settled on Wendell Scott, the first black NASCAR driver to win in the Sprint Cup Series. Mini should get a kick out of that. He digs racing and cars.

Today I have to buy some polymer clay to sculpt Scott's stock car. It seems the simplest approach. I've sculpted cars out of Play-Doh for Mini before, so first order of business is to find a good picture of the car to use for reference. (Google, here I come!) Once it has hardened, I'm going to let Mini paint it. I'll be sure to post pictures of this grand scheme. I do believe they're going to put these projects in the newspaper and display them at the library as well.

That's all that's going on right now. I gotta get my stuff together and run the last of the weekly errands. When I come home, I've got chapters to read for a friend, and revisions to work on. (While eating fat free ice cream, if I'm lucky!) Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh I know just what to get you for a pressie. A box of steel cut Irish oatmeal. Yummm. lol. ((hugs)) Hang in there moon sis.

    Yeah, and where is my crawdaddy poboy? j/k

  2. ((hugs)) Cass - yes, I'm in oatmeal hell. Who knew there was such a place, right?

    Hehe, the crawfish poboy was yummy. :*)


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