Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's Really Sunday?

Today has felt like Monday and Mercury retrograde all wrapped up into one. I bought a few things over the weekend, and never had a single issue with my paypal. This morning I got a notice that it failed to pay this month's subscription to my revision classes - and I can't find a good goddamn reason why. After about two hours fraught with tears and worry, I tinkered around with the settings, and finally changed the billing. The main problem is fixed, but now it will be Wednesday before the subscription pay goes through. I'm so bummed. I had it set so I could get my class work on Mondays. Now my course week will be running Wednesday to Wednesday, and the delay is pretty much shaving a week of my work time right before effing conference. So far, I kinda think 2010 hates me.

After fighting with paypal all morning, I decided to step away from the comp a while. I poured another cuppa coffee and watched Zombieland with the hubster. Poor Bill Murray. On a day like this, though, nothing is quite as relaxing as watching men shoot down a hoard of blood thirsty zombies. *sigh*

Over the weekend, I promised 3 more books to Cobblestone Press. The first book is already underway. I'm working on it now and anticipate having it in no later than the first of April. So new books are coming.

This week, I'll be posting flyers for the Written in the Stars Conference. If you're a writer, or interested in writing, this is one of the best little conferences in the south. A stellar agent/editor panel will be on hand, and there are going to be many wonderful workshops. Take a peek!

"Written in the Stars"
A writer's conference featuring...

Award-winning author workshops by:
Lorie Wilde, Winnie Griggs, Connie Cox, Allen Davis III, Sarah Baker, Kathleen Baldwin, Sandy Blair, Beth Cornelison, Kaye Dacus, Robyn DeHart, Tracy Garrett, Tina Gerow, Tessa McDermid, Susan Myer, Terry Odell, Colleen Thompson, and Gina Wilkins.

Friday, March 5th – Saturday, March 6th
Holiday Inn Financial Plaza
In Shreveport, Louisiana

Scheduled Industry Professionals:
Laura Bradford, Agent, Bradford Literary Agency
Terry Burns, Agent, Hartline Literary Agency
Melissa Jeglinski, Agent, The Knight Agency
Beth Miller, Agent Assistant, Writers House
Wanda Ottewell, Senior Editor, Harlequin SuperRomance
Laurie Rauch, Executive Editor, Samhain Publishing
Jessica Sebor, Editor, Random House/Bantam Dell
Elizabeth Hadwin, Bookseller, Barnes & Noble

To sign up, or find out more about the Written in the Stars Conference, visit . If you attend, be sure to say hi when you see me. I'm definitely going to be there!

That's about it for now. The rest of the day is meant for relaxing. And football. Geaux Saints!
Happy weekend, everyone.

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  1. Oh hon! Dang Nabbit. Hope is all gets resolved and fast. ((hugs))

    In the meantime, here is some ice cream own personal favorite, chocolate and caramel pralines and cream...yummy!


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