Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ushering in the Wrecking Crew

Last night I dreamed I showed up for guitar lessons with this bass that I have in waking life. It's the one I don't mind if it gets a little banged up, etc. - a Daisy Rock Heartbreaker that I bought off eBay. In the dream, the instructor is waiting to begin the lesson when I realize that the bass I'm holding has no strings. Exasperated and embarrassed, I put the guy on hold and quickly string the bass. Of course, now, it's strung but horribly out of tune. I break out my tuner, and I can tell the instructor has grown impatient with me, and I don't blame him. I'm able to play the song I was supposed to play, but otherwise, I'm totally unprepared.

I woke up and instantly thought of my manuscript.

I have quite a "to do" list at the moment. There are a few book features to pull together for the Midnight Moon Cafe, an interview to upload, and I thought I was finished with lesson four of my revision class, but last night I discovered a stack of worksheets I'd completely forgotten existed. Oy vey.

I printed up lesson five late yesterday and read through it briefly before discovering the one I'd missed. I wanted to follow this course verbatim, from beginning to end, but I'm running out of time. I have roughly 7 weeks to pull this book together before conference. Time to break out the big guns.

This morning I got up around four-thirty and began dissecting the reasons why my characters are doing what they're doing. I'm also going to have to dig down again and find the kernel of romance in there, wherever it went. So today, I'm going to be writing down what's missing and broken. From there, I'm strapping on the surgical gloves and going in.

I better get to work while the house is quiet. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. ok, I think it's time I cracka'd de whip. lol. No hibernating bears! lol


  2. Sounds serious! Get to it, girl! You got this!

  3. Whew! I wondered where all those stripes on my back came from. ^_~

    Back to the toil and trouble...


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