Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not As Expected

The house is quiet and cold this morning. The kids are at my parents' house, and Hubster has made a run to the hardware store. He has also promised to bring home coffee from Circle K. At the moment, the house is a wreck and the water is turned off.

Yesterday, around 7:30 in the morning, my RWA carpool buddy called. The poor thing woke up not feeling well and decided not to go. I could have driven the distance myself, or called to see if Beth wanted to ride together, but I got this wild hair, thinking that since it's Saturday and there's nothing really pressing to do, I wanted to have a date with the Hubster. I made an arrangement with my mom to watch the kids long enough to go see that new vampire movie Daybreakers.

We went to the Cinema in Ruston, and as expected, it was packed. We made it in a minute before showing. The previews were rolling when we took our seats.

The movie was great, but I'm not giving any spoilers. The gist is this: vampires rule the world and since there are so few people left, they're now starving and turning into "real" monsters. Cool beans!

Good movie, but honestly, I was more thrilled to discover someone did a remake of The Crazies - an old George A. Romero movie. This looks like it's gonna be a freaky one.

I watched the old one a long time ago, and... meh. Good concept, but it was largely lot of gunfire and people running through town trying to escape men in hazmat suits and crazy people. The new one looks 100x more scary than the original. This is one of those gotta see it movies for me. :P

Took me some searching to find the trailer I actually saw in the theater!

On the way home from the movies, we picked up a box of chicken. Once we arrived, we settled in and ate before I had to go pick up the boys from my mom's. At one point, we were shuffling stuff around in the kitchen, and the Hubster noticed the water wasn't off, but that we had no water pressure. Hm...

He went outside to investigate, and I got ready to leave. As I'm going out of the driveway, he checks the water meter and says it looks like we have a busted pipe somewhere, but he can't find it. *_*

I get half way to my parent's house when he calls me on the cell. He found the leak. In the wall, in Oldest's bathroom. And apparently, the entire time we're eating, we never even noticed his room, Mini's room (that I just worked my ass off to get prettied up with brand new tile and paint) is flooded. A small section of the living room had taken on water too.

I picked up Oldest from Mom's, left Mini there, and we went to buy towels, buckets and extra mops. Hubster got the water turned off, and we all spent the next four hours or so cleaning up the mess.

If the man can't find what we need at the local hardware store, it's off to Lowe's.

That's it for now. I can hear the Jeep pulling in, and that means the man bringeth coffee. I'm so there.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


  1. Ugh, busted pipes are no fun! I'm dealing with a busted fridge tonight. *sigh* After grocery shopping we had to transfer the goods across town to my inlaws freezer. *sigh*

  2. Oh no! That's definitely not fun. I hope you get your fridge fixed.

    Tomorrow, the hubster and I will working on the washing machine. *sigh* The waterline is frozen there as well. Thankfully, no leaks! :/


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